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cleaning-marble-shower One of the best ways to beautify your bathroom is through the use of marble shower. Marble is a gorgeous and adorable material that makes your floor smooth and offers your bathroom a classy look. However, as impressive as marble is, its maintenance is also on the high side. This becomes even more challenging when the marble is in your bathroom. The water usage and high levels of humidity in the bathroom make cleaning and maintenance difficult.

However, this is not to say you cannot clean your marble shower. Several marble shower cleaners will deliver excellent results and leave your marble in good condition. The best of these cleaners should be ones that are mild on your marble. It must not contain acid or have abrasive effects that will damage the polished texture of your marble. Preferably, look for pH-neutral marble shower cleaners, as they do not pose risks to your marble. Getting the best ones may be challenging, so we examine the market and bring you the best cleaners for your marble shower below.

Best Cleaners for Marble Shower in September, 2021

Bio Clean

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2TriNova Cleaner18 oz, gallon Check Price
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4Black Diamondquart, gallon Check Price
5Granite Gold Stoner32 Fl Oz Check Price

1. Bio-Clean: Eco-Friendly Hard Water Stain Remover – Best Eco-Friendly Product

If you are looking to clean your marble shower without damaging the polished texture, this Eco-Friendly Hard Water Stain Remover does an excellent cleaning job. Its components are some of the best in the industry, and the manufacturer mixes them to offer squeaky clean services. For a product that provides good services with impressive reviews, this cleaner is a smart choice.

 Highly Eco-Friendly

This product is an excellent yet eco-friendly product. It delivers results within a short period and keeps the surface of your marble, clean and beautiful. If you are the type with great regard for environmentally viable products, this is one product you should look out for.

The manufacturers have a reputation for bio-clean products. With this, the manufacturers have high regard for customers’ safety, and the product contains only safe ingredients.

Easy To Use

One of the things this product boasts of is its easy application method. With its “spray and wipe” application method, you can effortlessly apply this product without stress. It offers excellent results with little effort. This makes it a go-to for many homeowners who do not want to stress over cleaning.

Hard Stain Remover

If you are battling with some stains and find it difficult to remove, this product is a perfect pick. With its hard stain remover feature, it can remove the toughest of stains irrespective of the stain’s length of time on the surface. Despite its thoroughness, it doesn’t compromise the surface of your marble shower. Its components are well mixed to be soothing to your surface even while working effectively to remove stains.


This product is highly recommended for the toilet and bathroom. It offers great results in these spaces. It cleans your marble shower effectively and removes all the stains that may be disturbing your use.

  • It is a hard stain remover and does an excellent job doing that.
  • It is safe for you and the environment.
  • It is easy to apply through its “spray and wipe” method.
  • Users say it may take more than one coat before it works.
  • Its coverage is minimal.

2. TriNova Granite Cleaner and Polish for Daily Use – Best Spray Cleaner For Cultured Marble Shower

Perhaps your choice is a cleaner that delivers excellent results and further enhances the shining abilities of your marble shower. You are not asking for too much. This TriNova Cleaner does a perfect job in that regard. With its ingredients specially made for marbles, this product is one of the most impressive ones in the market. Its abilities on your marble shower leave the surface stunning.

High Enhancement Abilities

This product not only offers excellent cleaning results on your marble shower but also enhances the shine. It appears like a product that provides double the effect. It leaves an attractive surface that appeals to the eyes while dealing with the stains you may have on the surface.

It is a professional strength revitalizer that works adequately to serve the needs of your countertop. With its subtle components, it leaves no residue after cleaning. Your surface appears glassy and smooth.

Designed For Marbles

Unlike general cleaners or multi-purpose cleaners, this product is specifically made to serve a marble shower. This makes it have concentrated effects that deal with all your stain problems.

If you have tried certain products that did not work, it may be due to a lack of concentration. Perhaps they are a one-size-fits-all kind of solution. But this TriNova cleaner is specific for stones and marble shower.

Impressive Scent

Many homeowners crave products that not only work on their marble but also offer excellent scent. This makes the home smell beautifully. Not all products offer this. There are some products with a low odor, while others have none.

  • It is easy to use and takes little effort. Its “spray and wipe” method is the best application method in the market.
  • It removes stains effectively.
  • It enhances your marble and leaves the surface shiny and glossy.
  • Its scent is impressive and safe for breathing.
  • It is not a deep stain remover. So, if you have tough stains, this product may not deliver the results you desire.
  • It doesn’t cover a wide area of the surface at a go.


3. SANTEC Key Lime – Best Cleaner for Mold and Scum In Marble Shower

If you are looking for a product that you can apply with ease while getting premium cleaning, this SANTEC Key Lime is a great one for that. Its application method is convenient and works for every homeowner. Several users attest to its effectiveness and how it delivers results within a short period.

Ease and Convenience

This product comes from a line of products that are specially made for housekeeping purposes. To that end, they are all made to be efficient and easy to use. Its application method is enough to demonstrate this notion. With the “spray and wipe” method, every homeowner can apply this product in their bathroom. It requires no particular skill.

This product is not only easy to use but also safe. It seeks to make housekeeping a pleasurable thing to do.

 Peroxide Power

The primary function of every cleaner remains its cleaning abilities. Every homeowner wants to know whether the cleaner is effective enough to remove the stains on their marble surface. This product delivers great results in this regard.

With its high peroxide power, it provides quick and effective cleaning solutions that remove stains. It also kills all forms of odor on your surface.

Low Foaming

Unlike other products that may foam over your surface while applying, this product has a low foaming nature. This makes it a first choice and a good one for automatic scrubbers. If you are the type who wants to get done with cleaning swiftly, this product will serve your needs. This is owing to its surfactant system.

  • This product is a perfect blend of environmentally friendly surfactants alongside solvents.
  • It is affordable and works for you if you are on a budget.
  • Its peroxide power makes it a good fit for removing stains effectively.
  • It delivers results swiftly.
  • Users say it may be harsh if applied in excess.
  • Users complain of its limited coverage.
  • It is not a deep cleaner.

4. Black Diamond Stone & Tile Intensive Cleaner – Highly Intensive

It can be challenging to get marble shower cleaners that will offer deep cleaning without compromising your marble shower’s texture. If you are looking for a cleaner with real value for your money in the deep cleaning regard, this Stone & Tile Intensive Cleaner will do as you desire.

Super Strong

This product is super strong and highly effective for cleaning your toughest stains. Some stains may have built up on your marble shower, and as such, require deep cleaning. If you want to clean such stains, this product is the go-to. Its components are specially mixed to serve the purpose of deep cleaning and removing all forms of stain that may offer your surface a dull look.


Super strong cleaners often get too harsh and abrasive. This product doesn’t fall within that category. It doesn’t contain acid, alkali, or any petroleum solvents that may reach adversely to your marble shower. This makes it safe for use. That is, while thoroughly dealing with the stains on your marble, it doesn’t mess up the texture.

Leaves Your Surface Polished

This product is perfect for leaving your surface in good condition. It makes it shiny and appealing. Its ingredients are honed to keep your marble stone in an impressive condition after use.

  • It is highly intensive and removes tough stains from your marble.
  • It is safe for use, as it doesn’t damage your polished texture.
  • It works on various kinds of stones, so if you have other surfaces to try it on, it works.
  • Users say it may not have a perfect all-around result.
  • Users say the coverage is limited.

5. Granite Gold Stone and Tile Floor Cleaner – Best Product For Glistening Results

As a homeowner, if you have to deal with tough stains on your surface, this Granite Gold Stone cleaner is a product that stands to deliver impressive results. Specially designed to tackle tough stains and deliver glistening results, it has garnered positive reviews from the users. Its concentration works effectively to remove stains and put your marble shower in good condition for future occurrences.

Highly Intensive

Formulated purposely to serve your stone, this product is highly intensive and offer super strong effects that deal with stains. Due to water usage and humidity levels, your bathroom may accumulate dirt and stains. However, with this product, you can deal with these stains. Its components have a high level of concentration that makes the product dissolve tough stains.

Contained in a cost-effective 32-ounce bottle with high concentration levels, this product works across your marble surface to deal with all kinds of stain. It breaks down oils and dirt on your surface, cleans them up. After use, it leaves your surface shiny.

Glistening Results

Unlike cleaners that may leave marks or streaks on your surface, this product leaves your marble shower glossy, shiny, and attractive. It cleans all forms of dirt and leaves nothing behind. It ensures that your surface is streak-free and in good condition. Its results are glistening.

No Adverse Reaction

This product is an all-natural product, which is neither toxic nor corrosive. It is also pH-neutral, which makes it compatible and suitable for your marble surface. When you apply it, it doesn’t cause any adverse reaction that may compromise your surface’s polished texture.

If you are also looking to get the best cleaner on budget, this product is affordable. Therefore, it offers not only great results but also at pocket-friendly prices.

  • It is soothing to your marble’s texture and doesn’t damage the surface
  • It provides impressive results that keep your surface attractive
  • It is safe for use and also easy to use. It requires no special skill
  • It is cost-effective yet affords you excellent results
  • Its coverage is limited
  • It is not a perfect product for multiple surfaces
  • Users say it may leave dull colors on the marble surface

Tips for cleaning the grout and tile of your marble shower

Mix baking soda and hydrogen peroxide in a plastic bottle. Brush the mixture into your grout lines and let it soak for 15 minutes. Scrub with a nylon scrub brush or sponge, then rinse off.

Apply toothpaste directly to your tile or grout and let sit for 10 minutes. Rinse with water. This works particularly well on tile floors, as the little gritty particles of the paste help polish the surface clean.

If you have mildew stains, apply an equal amount of vinegar and water to this area, spray liberally with hydrogen peroxide and allow to stand for three hours (you may need more than one application). Wipe away excess moisture with a wet cloth after 3 hours are up.

Things to avoid when cleaning a marble shower

Avoid using a solvent, as they are corrosive and can damage the surface of your marble shower. Solvents may remove “sealed” grout on your tiles which will make it more difficult to clean. Avoid cleaners containing bleach or ammonia since they’ll dull the finish of the tile. Don’t use scouring powders, steel wool pads or abrasives to scrub off tough soap scum and dirt. Use only soft cloths when cleaning with a liquid cleaner; this includes sponges, microfiber towels, and white cotton. Also keep in mind that these cleaners are best applied when the shower is warm, as they will adhere better to the surface.

Detergents or soaps that contain chlorine bleach can damage marble — be sure to avoid them! The same goes for acids like muriatic acid, which you may have in your pool supplies; if this spills on your marble shower floor it could cause permanent etching and staining. Avoid products with phenol (carbolic) or naphtha (which has a lighter scent but can still leave streaks); these are petroleum distillates and dissolve grout into colorless sludge. Instead, use natural soap made from coconut oil or olive oil — both of which are gentler on the human skin than harsher detergents and cleansers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are marble showers hard to clean?

One of the big advantages of marble and other stone showers is that the surface stays clean. This is largely due to two factors: water being absorbed into the stone, and oil not sticking as readily onto a porous surface. It also helps that dirt doesn’t tend to linger on marble because it’s so hard. However, this does mean that you have to be more careful when cleaning your shower than if you had tile or vinyl sheet flooring, which repels some of the gunk in our home (think kids spills). Also, keep in mind that many people assume their marble will stay neater longer than regular tile but in fact, they require just as much maintenance.

How do you remove hard water stains from marble shower?

There are a number of ways to tackle this issue. The secret is finding out the right approach for your unique situation. Below are some tips and tricks you can use to get rid of those stubborn hard water stains from marble shower:

Use vinegar with baking soda – This is an excellent way to remove hard water stains as it combines great cleaning power with a not too high level of abrasiveness. Simply mix equal parts of white vinegar and baking soda, then use a small paintbrush to apply the paste to the affected areas. Wait until the solution has dried completely (it might take up to 24 hours) then rinse. If you wish to accelerate drying time, use a hairdryer on a low heat setting or simply leave it in sunlight.

How do you remove mildew from marble shower?

At the most basic, mildew comes in either white or green colors. White is rather prone to being washed away with bleach while green tends to be more a stubborn residue that sticks around and stains easily without strong chemical cleaning.

If you are trying to eliminate mildew from your marble shower, there are several things you can do depending on which kind of mold is present.

White Mildew: This type will not stain your marble though it may leave a powdery residue on its surface. This can be simply cleaned off with a regular cleaning product such as baking soda paste or toothpaste applied directly onto the stain and scrubbed clean using a bristle brush. Baking soda neutralizes mildew by destroying organic matter via dehydration

Green Mildew: The first step involves mixing 2 parts water with 1 part hydrogen peroxide in a small bowl. Next, pour this solution slowly over the stained area using an eyedropper. Allow it to sit for 5 minutes, then use a clean cloth or sponge to wipe clean the affected area. You may need to repeat this process as some stains are quite stubborn especially if they have been there for some time.

How do you clean grout on a marble shower floor?

Marble floors are very beautiful and easy to keep clean. If grout lines get dirty it can be harder to keep the floor so shiny or new looking. Your choice of cleaning products will have a huge effect on how well you are able to clean the marble flooring in your home. Always test any new cleaner you want to use out in an inconspicuous area of marble before using it on a larger surface area. Not all alternative cleaners will work with all types of marble flooring. Grout color will also affect which cleaning solution works best for your specific needs. Removing dirt and stains from marble requires only a few basic steps that should provide satisfactory results.


If you are looking to get the best cleaner for your marble shower, any of the products above will offer you impressive results. They are made of ingredients optimized to deliver the best cleaning results. While some are surface cleaners, other deep cleaners that can tackle tough stains and dirt that has built up. Choosing the one that best serves your needs will depend on the cleaning needs that you have. If you want a product that will offer excellent results within a short period, you will also get it from the above.

While there is no favorite product, it is advisable that you study each product’s features before making purchases. Go for comprehensive cleaners that will serve all the needs you may have. Durability is also another feature to consider.

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