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cleaning-quartz-countertops One of the best ways to beautify your kitchen or your bathroom is through the use of Quartz Countertops. They offer impressive looks to the kitchen or bathroom and make you appreciate your home setting better. However, as attractive as they may look, it is essential to understand how best to take care of them. Many homeowners ask several questions bordering on what they can use to clean their Quartz countertops without compromising their texture.

The good thing about quartz countertops is that they are generally resistant to stains. It takes a while before stains penetrate through or sit conveniently on the surface. As such, you will not always need a deep cleaning when trying to deal with stains. Yet, this doesn’t mean just any cleaner will do the job. It also doesn’t mean you can be lackadaisical about cleaning them, which may allow dirt to build up and eventually damage the surface. If you are skeptical about your regular home cleaners’ effects on your Quartz countertops, we bring you the list of the best countertops in the market.

Best Cleaners for Quartz Countertops in October, 2021

Trinova Cleaner

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2Black Diamondquart, gallon Check Price
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1. TriNova Granite Cleaner and Polish – Best Product For Shine Enhancement

If you are looking for a product that not only deals with the stain on your quartz surface but also enhances the shining abilities, this TriNova Granite Cleaner is a perfect pick. Keeping your quartz countertop always shiny is one cleaner that comes with glistening results that will make the countertop more attractive.

No Residue

This product offers excellent results without leaving any residue on the surface. Unlike some other countertop cleaners that will leave streaks and mop marks on your surface, this product does an excellent job that leaves no mark and no residue. By so doing, it ensures that the surface remains shiny and more attractive. After use, you wipe with soft linen, which produces glistening results.

Shine Enhancement

For a product that doesn’t just deal with the stains on your surface but also strengthens the shine of your countertop, this product does an excellent job. It is soothing to the surface of your countertop. Its components are made of some of the best, making it offer beautifying effects while cleaning your surface effectively.

This product satisfies one thing many homeowners love. By leaving the surface even more impressive than its original nature, it adds more glamour to the kitchen on the room where it is. If you are a fan of pictures, such glossy countertops are perfect to grace your photographs.

Pleasant Scent

While offering value, this product also produces a great scent that’s breathtaking. The scent makes for a beautiful atmosphere and also makes the application of the cleaning a relaxing task.

If you love the feel of a good fragrance in your home, this product is a good pick for that purpose. It only tackles your stain but also smells nice while doing so.

Easy To Use

This product is also easy to use and requires no particular skill. With its “spray and wipe” method, you can apply it effortlessly and spend just a few minutes doing so. This makes it perfect for homeowners that desire great results within a short period and with little effort.

  • It is super easy to use and requires no particular skill. Anyone can make use of it to clean the countertops.
  • Its scent adds to the beauty of the atmosphere.
  • It makes your countertop more attractive after use.
  • It is durable and works well on multiple surfaces. So, if you have other surfaces you will like to work on, it works.
  • It is not a deep cleaning solution.
  • Users say it has limited coverage.

2. Black Diamond Stoneworks Granite Counter Cleaner – Bio-based and Cost-Effective

This is a cost-effective product with a money-back guarantee, which allows you to return the product if it doesn’t deliver the result you desire. So, if you are looking to get a product that offers you true value for your money, this Black Diamond Sealer stands to provide you with great results.


The product is safe for use. Whether adults, kids, or dogs, the product is safe for all and doesn’t give rise to any form of complications. Its components are secure and don’t pose health risks to you and yours.

Impressive Cleaning Results

Homeowners love to see their countertops always looking attractive. After all, that’s the reason they made it in the first place. This product offers that to you. It ensures that it delivers excellent results that do not leave any residue behind.

Considering that you may have this quartz countertop in your kitchen, this product is safe for food surfaces. If you constantly handle food in that area, you can still apply this product without worries of health risks. The product works to clean all forms of oil, liquid, and build-up dirt that may be on the surface of your countertop.

It Is Bio-based

As a bio-based product, the manufacturers align with the green evolution and only use safe ingredients that do not pollute the environment. Also, being a bio-based product, it provides the benefits you will find with several other cleaners at a more cost-effective rate.

The product also performs better than its petroleum counterparts. If you desire to seek out bio-based products, this is a quartz countertop cleaner to consider.


This product is tested and guaranteed by granite care professionals. It works for different stones and provides impressive results across the surface.

Why Black Diamond Stoneworks Granite Counter?

This product is easy to use with its spray and wipe method. This makes it convenient and less time-consuming. Within a short period, you can be done with the application process.

  • It has a money-back guarantee, which allows you to return the product if it doesn’t satisfy your needs
  • It is easy to use and requires no particular skill
  • It is bio-based and cost-effective
  • It has long-lasting effects, which not only clean your countertop surface but also brightens the surface
  • Users say it may take a longer period before it starts to work.
  • It has very few reviews.

3. Supreme Surface Granite, Quartz & Marble Treatment – Technology-Driven Cleaning Solutions

If you want a product that makes the most use of technology in driving cleaning solutions, this Supreme Marble Treatment is perfect for your quartz countertop. Sometimes, countertop sealers may require that you polish your countertop after you have used them for a while. This is because some of these cleaners wipe away the brightening ability of your quartz countertop. But this product seeks to use technology to solve the problem.

Refined Cleaning

This product offers your countertop surface refined cleaning solutions that provide excellent results. The product not only cleans your quartz countertop but also ensures to protect the surface. With its ioSeal technology, the product offers a cleaning solution that dives deep into your surface and protects it at the molecular level.

It also comes with an ultra-fine mist sprayer, through which you can spray to protect your countertop surface. This helps to keep your countertop surface always shining and attractive. The polish that comes with this product helps maintain the glistening results, while protective technology helps strengthen the surface to withstand dirt in the future.

Streak-Free Results

This cleaner offers a streak-free cleaning solution to your countertop surface. When you are done applying, you do not find any form of dirt. It leaves no residue, mop marks, or wipe marks on the surface. Unlike some other products that may leave a cloudy effect on your countertop surface, this product keeps it glistening and doesn’t leave dull colors on your surface.

The product uses ioSeal’s wax-free elements to deal with stains, grime and dissolve any build-up on the countertop surface. It works efficiently, without leaving even greasy residue.

Value 3 Pack

It offers more value when you buy the value 3 pack. This gives you access to more benefits, which you can enjoy in cleaning the surface of your countertop.

  • It uses high-end technology to deliver excellent cleaning solutions.
  • Its cleaning abilities are high, and it brightens your quartz countertop surface after use.
  • It offers protection to the countertop to prevent it from future build-up.
  • It leaves no form of residue after use, not even greasy residue
  • It cannot reverse hard water spots.
  • It cannot remove hard mineral spots.
  • It cannot reverse dull or etched countertop surfaces.

4. Granite Gold All – Multipurpose Cleaner

This Granite Gold All is a multi-purpose cleaning solution that works for several surfaces, including quartz countertops. If you have more marble or stones than a quartz countertop surface, this product is a good one to do the job. It can deliver lasting and excellent results on your quartz countertops and other surfaces you need to apply it on, without compromising results.

Sparkling Results

This cleaning solution offers excellent results that leave your quartz countertop surface in better condition than it was. Its results are sparkling, and the shining effects last for long. It does not leave any form of residue on your surface. If you desire a product that delivers great results without aftermath effects, this product offers that.

Its ingredients are formulated to offer quality cleaning solutions to all kinds of surfaces. Irrespective of the build-up on your surface, this product dissolves it and gives you a squeaky-clean result.


This product is safe for all surfaces, including food surfaces. If you have an area where you handle food, this product can be applied to such countertop surfaces without posing any health risk. It is also safe to breathe without complications.

  • It is a versatile cleaner that works on multiple stones.
  • It is safe to use, even on food surfaces.
  • It delivers excellent results.
  • It cannot reverse etched surfaces.
  • It may not remove hard water spots.

5. Rock Doctor Granite Cleaner – Excellent Brightening Ability

This easy-to-use product works effectively to clean your quartz countertop surface. It offers impressive results within a short period and brightens your quartz countertop. Its effects are lasting and durable, and it also protects your countertop surface from subsequent build-ups. If you desire the beauty of your quartz countertop surface and you will like it to stay that way, this product comes in handy.

Excellent Brightening Ability

This product is made explicitly for quartz countertop, and as such, it has far-reaching cleaning effects on your quartz countertop. Unlike some other multi-purpose cleaners made up of general cleaning ingredients, this product focuses on quartz, making it a good pick if you want to clean your quartz countertop and get the desired results.

Asides from excellent cleaning results, it also keeps your countertop surface protected and shiny. It strengthens the shining ability of your quartz countertop and ensures to make it look attractive after use.

No Residue

It cleans the countertop efficiently, without leaving any form of residue on your surface. It also doesn’t discolor your countertop surface. This is unlike some products that leave yellow traces on your countertop surface after use.

Pleasant Scent

This product comes with a pleasant scent that makes it appealing to use and also beautified the home’s atmosphere. The scent is fresh and safe, as it contains no chemicals.

This product is eco-friendly and recyclable, so it’s adequately safe for use in the house without any health risk.

Easy To Use

The method to apply this product is easy, which makes for convenience and little effort. All you need to is spray the cleaning solution on your quartz countertop surface, allow it to penetrate for about three minutes, and wipe off the surface.

  • It has a fresh scent, which adds to the room’s fragrance.
  • It is precisely for quartz countertop surfaces.
  • It is easy to use and doesn’t make your countertop surface dull.
  • It brightens your countertop surface after use.
  • It leaves no residue, not even greasy ones.
  • It may not be able to remove hard water spots.
  • Users say it has limited coverage.

What are quartz countertops

Quartz countertops are made from 100% natural quartz. In fact, it’s the most abundant mineral on Earth. It is manufactured into a solid piece and then cut to the final size and shape for use in countertops. Quartz has been used as a material for flooring, kitchen counters and bathroom elements since the 1990s in Europe and Asia. This type of countertop was first introduced in America in early 2000. Since they were initially new to the market, initial costs could be high compared to other materials such as granite or marble; however, over time, their popularity increased because of their durability and unique appearance that mimics expensive materials like marble or granite at an affordable price point. Today, quartz is just another widely used stone material for countertops that can be customized for a variety of settings including residential, commercial, and hospitality.

Why should I care about my quartz countertops?

Quartz is a very hard material and it can scratch easily. Although scratches are not always visually apparent, they will eventually get worse with use. As the scratches become deeper and more pronounced you will be able to see them without having to look hard. If your quartz surfaces show scratches after just a few months of use, you did not purchase premium quality quartz.

You should care about your quartz because a scratch on your countertop can be like a crack in the foundation of your house. Although it may look fine from afar, once you get up close that flaw is very apparent and diminishes the value of your quartz surface drastically.

How do I clean my quartz countertops?

It’s recommended to avoid using a sponge. The rubber bristles can actually scratch the surface, causing little micro-scrapes on your quartz countertops. This might make you think they need to be resurfaced or resealed more often than necessary. They don’t have to be cleaned as much anymore! These days, there are specialized cleaners that keep your quartz and marble surfaces looking nice longer between professional cleanings. Be sure that you’re choosing a product made especially for use on polished stone surfaces like your quartz countertops by checking the label for identity of contents. You’ll want something with no ammonia in it (which will damage stone over time) and low pH levels (so excess alkalinity doesn’t eat through your surface).

Use some rag instead of a sponge because it will help prevent damage to your stone.

What can’t I use for cleaning my quartz countertops

If your quartz countertops have developed a stubborn stain, you may be tempted to try anything and everything to remove it. Unfortunately, this will likely result in even more damage that can’t be undone.

Quartz countertops are susceptible to scratching from many common cleaning agents such as bleach and ammonia. If those ingredients aren’t properly diluted your quartz can develop pitting or permanent etching. Even if the original mark is removed successfully, the indents from the metal tools used for cleaning can linger on permanently after repeated use.

Tips for keeping quartz countertops clean

Tip #1: When cleaning quartz, use a soft, natural fiber cloth versus paper towels. Paper towels can leave behind lint and fibers which will scratch the surface of your countertop. If you get something on your countertop that cannot be wiped off with tap water, try using white distilled vinegar. Heat up some vinegar in the microwave and make sure to apply it to an inconspicuous area before applying it to the entire countertop. The vinegar should help break down any soap stains or hard water deposits without damaging the finish on your quartz countertops!

Tip #2: To clean your quartz countertops, we recommend what is commonly referred to as a “hot rag” method. Simply heat up some water in your microwave and add 1-2 squirts of liquid soap (such as Dawn dish soap). Use a clean paper towel or rag to dip into the hot soapy water and wipe down your quartz countertops using long gentle strokes with the grain.

Tip #3: When cleaning your quartz countertop from wine or food spills, quickly blot it with white distilled vinegar (instead of water) immediately after taking out whatever caused the spill; this will help prevent staining and etching.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use vinegar to clean quartz?

Yes, you can use vinegar to clean quartz. It is a very popular way of cleaning quartz and works well on the following quartz varieties:

  • quartz (SiO2)
  • rock crystal (clear or colorless variety of quartz/fused silica)
  • citrine (yellow-orange variety of quartz)
  • amethyst (violet variety of quartz)

Is rubbing alcohol safe for quartz countertops?

You can use it for cleaning your quartz countertops and other kitchen surfaces without any harm to the surface of the stone. Rubbing alcohol is a good liquid for general cleaning, especially when you want to clean grout. You may also try a way to clean quartz countertops by using vinegar, but rubbing alcohol is probably even better than vinegar for this purpose.

The main advantage of rubbing alcohol over dish soap is that is fairly inexpensive and getting more so all the time (due to its commonness). For most household uses the labeling on the bottle should indicate that it’s OK for usage on granite and marble surfaces or if not then at least wipe off the residue.

How do you keep white quartz from staining?

You just don’t. You can use regular bleach on it, but the stains will return with each subsequent cleaning and reapply slightly different colors (more yellowish/brownish…). Unfortunately, there is no cure for the oxidation of quartz, except to reseal it every few years. It’s the nature of materials that are best viewed when clean; but anyone who has ever cleaned glass knows that if you leave it dirty too long, sometimes it’s easier to just start over than try to remove all those nooks and crannies – especially after they’ve been filled in with grime from frequent daily handling!

Will bleach damage quartz countertops?

Longer answer – bleach is a very harsh chemical and should be used with extreme caution when cleaning quartz countertops or any other surfaces for that matter. If your crystal/quartz surface has been cleaned with bleach in the past, you’ll need to make sure the entire surface is properly cleaned before applying your polymer sealant. A thorough degrease and clean is required beforehand, as well as an application of a cleaner/degreaser pre-sealer before proceeding with your coating application. Otherwise, exposure to light will cause yellowing on previously bleached areas which can’t be fixed at a later date!


Any of these products can deliver excellent cleaning results to serve your needs. All you need to do is examine the features of each and see the one that best suits your cleaning needs.

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