Best Concrete Resurfacers 2022 – Reviews

resurfacing-concrete As good as the concrete surface is and convenient to use in the house it has a lifespan. Over time it can get cracked and chipped leading to the deformity of the surface, replacing a concrete surface can be way above budget and difficult to carry out. A simple alternative to this is the use of the best concrete resurfacers. They work to restore the concrete surface to its original state or even make it better. There are different types of concrete resurfacers you can make use of, check out their features under this post.

Best Concrete Resurfacers in December, 2022

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1. Damtite Bonds-On Vinyl Concrete Patch – Stronger bonds

The Damtite bond concrete patch is a high-strength concrete repair, the bond has a higher strength finish than most cement mix which makes it suitable for use on a lot of surfaces. It is convenient to use for repairing chipped or cracked concrete surfaces.

Mixable with water

Damtite Vinyl Concrete Patch is one of the tops recommended concrete resurfacing, one of the striking features of the concrete patch is the large volume that can be gotten from it. The patch can easily be mixed with water, when water is added to the concrete patch mix, it increases the amount of vinyl that can be used for resurfacing damaged concrete surfaces. The dilution of the concrete patch does not make it less effective nor does it weaken the power of the patch, the water mixes well with it and creates a stronger bond that can be used to restore damaged concrete surfaces.

Has stronger bonds than most cement

Originally, when laying a concrete surface, the component used such as the cement might be of questionable quality leading to the early chapping and damage of surfaces. With the use of the Damtite Vinyl concrete patch, you can get to restore damaged surfaces. The bond offers a higher strength than most cement used in laying a concrete surface. Making use of concrete patches helps in restoring surfaces and lending more strength and durability. Concrete surfaces last longer with the use of the vinyl concrete patch.

Suitable for repairing surfaces

Concrete surfaces can get broken off at edges or chipped at certain parts of surfaces. The Damtite concrete patch is highly effective when it comes to smoothing the rough edges of a concrete layer. It spreads up to 1/16-inch thickness which is good enough to make a remedy for the damaged surface. It is an excellent product for patching surfaces like driveways, garage/basement floors, and also in the setting of tiles and stone.

  • It offers a thick bond and gives strength to concrete surfaces.
  • You get a larger volume by mixing with water.
  • It is affordable for purchase.
  • It takes a longer time to set and might give off a different color.

2. QuestMark Epoxy Concrete Floor Patch and Resurfacer – Easy to mix and apply

The standard Epoxy concrete floor patch and resurfacer are made up of solid mortar that is essential for filling or repairing cracks and holes made on concrete surfaces. The concrete floor patch made by QuestMark takes into account the resurfacer having both strength and delicacy, it gives tensile and compressive strength to concrete floors.

Mixing and Application

To make effective use of the concrete resurfacing, there is a need to mix the product before use. The mixing of the epoxy concrete floor patch is important and how well it mixes will determine how best it works on the surfaces. The product is expected to be mixed in an oversized container, preferably a container different from the one it came with, the purpose is to get the liquid mixed thoroughly till it is streak-free. The liquid is expected to be mixed with an aggregator as well, the mixing of aggregator requires to be done carefully with slow speed mixing equipment. The mixing is completely done if the aggregator is thoroughly wetted out. Improper mixing often leads to failure in performance.

High Strength

The concrete surfacer is made up of three main components; Resin, Hardener, and Aggregate components. The makeup of these three components provides extra strength for the epoxy concrete floor patch and resurfacer, it helps in repatching and making more solid damaged concrete surfaces. QuestMark epoxy mortal can be applied up to a thickness between 1/8” and 1/4″, this level of thickness gives strength to the surface and at the same time allows the mortal to be used for large surface area.

Useful for Sensitive Surfaces

Some concrete surfaces are quite delicate and deserve to be treated differently from other types of concrete surfaces to preserve the integrity of the surface. For floors that require patching or resurfacing and does not require the use of chemicals and impact resistance, the QuestMark is probably a choice concrete resurfacer for such task. Any surface that is to be resurfaced needs to be cleaned by getting rid of dust, oil, contaminants, and any other component that can affect the bonding of the epoxy mortar with a concrete surface. After a full coating of concrete surfaces, it is safe to have light foot traffic after 12-14 hours and it can have a full cure after 2 to 7 days depending on the density of the coating and porosity of the surface.

  • QuestMark does not contain Volatile Organic Compound (VOC)
  • It is made up of three components that contribute to the strength of the epoxy mortar.
  • It can be used for floors that do not require a lot of chemicals.
  • The color of the concrete surface may be affected by weather condition
  • You might need to add a topcoat to reduce porosity from chemical exposure.

3. SAKRETE Flo-Coat Concrete Resurfacer – Flowable Resurfacer

If you aim to make your concrete transformed and unrecognized, then what you are looking for might be the Sakrete Flo-coat Concrete Resurfacer. The product is designed to give a professional touch to surfaces and repair all damaged edges and edges of concrete surfaces. It does not only resurface concrete; it also adds a decorative finish to it.

Faster drying time

The Sakrete is an affordable alternative to the huge cost of replacing concrete. It bonds firmly with surfaces, the flo-coat concrete resurfacer has its polymer-modified to create a good adhesion and compatibility with surfaces. The excellent adhesion made with the product allows it to restore concrete surfaces to their original look and make them look new. When it is applied to surfaces, the timing required before it fully cures is faster when compared with concrete resurfacers in the same grade. The product is also a firm mixture that gets heavy very quickly both during mixing and application. It is advised to work with a partner while applying to surfaces as there is a need to engage the mixture into the surface by making use of a sponge and swab.

Easy to apply

The application of Sakrete concrete resurfacing is not in any way complicated. The product is expected to be mixed thoroughly together before application; due to the fast-drying time of the product, it is best to have the mixture dine thoroughly to ensure that there is the proper consistency. The grey-colored resurfacer adds a good finish on concrete surfaces, it transforms the ugly or deformed-looking surface into a completely new one. It can be easily used to fill up small gaps and cracks, it also fills in between pebbles of weathered concrete. With the aid of the highly flowable material, it can be used to resurface large concrete areas.

  • It spreads easily and can fill up large surfaces.
  • The formula is suitable for both large-scale and small projects.
  • It is likely to slightly change colors when applied to surfaces.

4. Bluestar Concrete Resurfacer – Speed and Precision

Do not be deceived by the size of the Bluestar concrete resurfacer, rather be amazed by how much the little container can make happen. The Bluestar resurfacer is one of the highly recommended products when it comes to carrying out small-scale projects like repairing chips in concrete surfaces.

Fast and Easy

The product is made for fast and efficient use, it comes in a type of container that is not too large but rather made for direct application on surfaces. Small cracks and openings in concrete surfaces can easily be patched up with the Bluestar concrete resurfacer. The openings and chips can be covered with precision since the container of the product has a pointed mouth large enough to let out a little quantity of the mixture at a time. The process of applying and resurfacing concrete is made very fast with the Bluestar unique formula and container.

Suitable for beginners

The product is designed with the aim of it being a go-to product for beginners and DIY. It is the type of product to have at home and handy when cracks come up on your precious surface floor. There is no need for any technical skill to use the resurfacer also it does not require the use of a kit or any special tools.

Smooth Finishing

Despite the portability of the Bluestar Concrete resurfacer, it does not come short or compromise for quality. It ends up with a smooth finishing, the surfaces are completely patched up and blends with the already existing surfaces.

  • It is fast, simple, and easy to use.
  • Bluestar concrete resurfacers act with precision in restoring surfaces to a smooth one.
  • It is small and cannot be used for larger work.

5. DAP Concrete Patch and Resurfacer – Fast drying time

The concrete patch and resurfacer is a dry mix and weather-resistant product. It works on surfaces by adhering the product strongly to surfaces to ensure that they bind and the crack or chip is filled up. It is an excellent choice when looking forward to filling walls, sidewalks and some other types of surfaces.

Adhesive strength

One thing this concrete patch and resurfacer has is very strong adhesion, and this is a strong desirable feature for all concrete patchers. Upon application, it acts on the surfaces and creates a strong bond between itself and the concrete surface. It also acts as both an adhesive and a sealant, preventing further contaminants that might affect the bonding of the concrete surface. The product is a cost-effective product that performs excellently when it comes to sealing cracks, breaks, and chips on masonry and concrete surfaces. It can also be used to adhere to stone, brick, masonry, and concrete surfaces. Once applied it acts as a concrete crack and chip-resistant formula.

Fast drying

Based on the size and the function of the resurfacer, it spends very little time to dry out. It takes roughly about 15 minutes to fully carry out the application on surfaces, after the application period, it gets dried in less than half an hour. Within the space of 24 hours, you can have a fully cured surface that is open for functional activities. The product is made with a fortified polymer portland cement which aids the fast setting and drying of surfaces.

  • It is relatively cheap and affordable
  • It has a big adhesive strength for its category.
  • The drying time of the resurfacer is very fast.
  • It does not cover large square feet.
  • The resurfacer is susceptible to weather conditions.

What to Consider When Buying the Best Concrete Resurfacers

There are probably more than hundreds of concrete resurfacers to buy, and it might be difficult to tell which one of these multitudes of resurfacers is the best to use for your floor. While there might be good products out there, the following things are the desirable properties of any resurfacer.


When going for a concrete resurfacer, the first thing that should be in your consideration is the amount of resurfacer needed. Resurfacers come in different quantities and as such should be used to calculate the amount needed to complete a surface. It is not cost-effective to end up buying many cans or packets of resurfacer when you can easily get a single container that will finish the work. Likewise, it is not worth it to have a large container of resurfacer for a small patch of the concrete area. Deciding on the amount of resurfacer needed to complete a task plays an important role in identifying which concrete resurfacer to go for.

Ease of Usage

No one wants a hard-to-use product, if the product is designed only for technical or professional usage that is your cue to go for another product, except you are a pro yourself. There are several easy-to-use products that you can go for. The ease and convenience that come from using a product determine how suitable that product is going to be.

Time to Dry

Different concrete resurfacers have different time rates to dry. For areas that involve large leg traffic like work areas etc, you need a resurfacer that dries quickly. Most resurfacers often dry after 24 hours and maybe fully used for full operation after 1 to 2 days. The drying time for concrete resurfacer is also dependent on the thickness of the mixture. For the best and fast result, it is recommended to have only thin layers of resurfacers over the original concrete surface.


The temperature at which the resurfacer is added also determines the quality of the job done and how fast it gets dried. A product that dries fast might still be affected by the temperature.

Cold weather

During the cold period, it might be difficult to have the resurfacer functioning at optimum status. Ensure not to use the resurfacer at a temperature lesser than 100C. you can also use warm water to sprinkle surfaces before application during cold weather to speed up the setting time

Hot weather

As cold weather affects the setting time of the resurfacing, extremely hot weather also affects it. It is best to use the product on a cool day or under a shaded area. You can also use cold water on surfaces before applying to slow down the setting time of the resurfacing. During this period as well, there is a need to complete the resurfacing as fast as possible, as there is the possibility of the mixture hardening quickly.


This is also an essential feature when going for a resurfacing. Some of the products out there often have volatile compounds in them or contain toxic odour when used. There is a regulatory level for these compounds in different regions, ensure that any product you are going for meets up to this criteria or does not exceed it. Toxic fumes from such a resurfacing might be harmful to both the user and the ecosystem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will concrete resurfacing work for every damage?

While resurfacing may be a good alternative for your concrete floor, it might not be the working option at all times. Sometimes the concrete might be badly damaged and require a full overhauling to have it in the best state. However, concrete resurfacing still works for a wide range of concrete damage, cracks, and fading. Concrete floors already heaving, sealed with epoxy, or has underlying soil problems. You might need other means rather than concrete resurfacing in these situations.

Does concrete resurfacing last?

Concrete resurfacing lasts for years to come if it is performed correctly and maintained adequately. Properly done concrete resurfacing adds a new layer of top-quality material that will protect the underlying concrete without cracking, losing its color, or flaking off as soon as the old surface does.The perks of professional concrete resurfacing include – Durability – Concrete resurfacing preserves floors with minimal maintenance, making them last longer than untreated surfaces. If your flooring has become worn and discolored, replacing your existing surface with an exterior coating will make it look new once again without compromising its structural integrity. – Budget-friendly – Re-coating is one of the least costly solutions.

How thick can resurfacer be applied?

Resurfacer can be applied as thick as desired in order to provide the highest level of wear resistance. Remember that thicker applications require longer dry times and will cool more slowly. Also, thinner resurfacers enable the topcoat to bond better with the substrate material, resulting in increased weathering and abrasion resistance. Test results are available for normal thicknesses from 1/4″ up to 3″.

How do you prepare concrete for resurfacing?

Concrete that is in good condition will take the resurfacing well. Concrete that has hardened or hardened with a poor surface layer requires additional preparation. The first step is to scrape off loose paint, scale, and rust followed by wire brushing to remove hard scale (flaking paint) from edges/corners, where it tends to accumulate. Surfaces also can be sandblasted for greater abrasion if required.

Can you paint resurfaced concrete?

Yes, you can paint concrete resurfacer. However, the lifespan of the coating will be reduced and it must comply with the manufacturer’s specifications for any warranty to apply. For example, if you need your floor to maintain a Type I finish (gloss), then painting will reduce the gloss to a Type II finish (satin).


Rather than changing a whole set of concrete surfaces, it is more economical to resurface the damaged one and touch it up to transform the entire concrete surface. Another major challenge of doing this is getting the right concrete resurfacer to use. I have to go you covered with the right information about concrete resurfacer that will guide you in choosing the best one.

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