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concrete-stain Best Concrete Stains? Yes, that’s right, you heard it right, best concrete stains. Staining your concrete by yourself involves adding aesthetics to your surface with the use of a concrete stain. If you have got a surface made of concrete either in your kitchen, driveway etc. you need to keep it maintained constantly, one of the ways of doing that is through the use of tiles but tiles can be quite expensive to install and maintain as well. Concrete stain is an absolute creative alternative.

Concrete stains come in beautiful and unique colours that make your floor more visually appealing. It is a great way of keeping your surfaces looking nice and glossy without having to spend a fortune on it. There are various suppliers and manufacturers of concrete stains and you want to pick the best one for your home. Here is a list of our best concrete stains that shows the features and benefits of each one.

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Best Concrete Stains in September, 2021

1 Decorative Stain
Editor's Choice
400 sq ft Check Price
2Kemiko Stain400 - 800 sq ft Check Price
3Ressurection100 - 500 sq ft Check Price
4Acid Stain100 - 200 sq ft Check Price
5Rust-Oleum12 - 16 sq ft Check Price

1. Decorative Concrete Stain Industrial Quality – Deep Penetrating

The Decorative Concrete Stain represent one of the stains that can be relied on when trying to create protection for the floor but also adding a fine touch of colours and patterns. The concrete stain is of high industrial quality and suitable to carry out different projects.

Professional concrete stain

The industrial-grade concrete stain is utilized at the professional level to add stains to concrete surfaces. The role of a concrete stain and paint are a bit bordering; the concrete stain does not only add paint like the concrete stain, but it also gives off a visual pattern and decoration. The decorative concrete stain comes in about 18 different and unique colours to give your surfaces a more homely feel.

The concrete stain penetrates deeply into the floor after application to give full coverage of the floor, the decorative concrete stain also works best on damp concrete surfaces as it is easier to apply.

Sample test

You would appreciate this better if you have ever bought a product that turns out not-so-great for what you intended to use it for. Well, that will not be the case with the decorative concrete stain, the brand allows you to do a sample test. You can easily order a sample of decorative concrete stain to test out colours and surface porosity. This feature saves you from wasting a ton of money and also prevents you from ruining your concrete surface.

Safe for usage

The goal of every paint, stain, cleaner and sealer is to add value to surfaces and also be safe for usage. The decorative concrete stain adds value and is also cautious while at it. The product does not contain harmful chemicals or compounds, it is also UV-light stable. The safety feature of the concrete stain makes it readily usable for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • It has a variety of colours to select from.
  • The decorative cleaner is eco-friendly and safe to be used.
  • It requires various steps like etching before and staining afterwards for effective result.

2. Kemiko Stone Tone Concrete Stain – Multiple colours

The Stone Tone Concrete stain is one of the easiest concrete stains with high-quality staining properties. The stain is durable and does not easily fade away, it makes concrete have a brighter surface. Various colours options can be selected for use and to complement your space.

Large Coverage area

One of the important features of the Kemiko Concrete stain that makes it recommended for use is the large surface area it can cover. The concrete cleaner has a large capacity of about 1 gallon to cover a large area, but that is not all, the concrete stain can be mixed with an equal amount of water. The 1:1 mixing formula implies that one gallon of concrete stain will become two, by simply mixing it with one gallon of water.

This cost-effective strategy makes Kemiko Stone Tone Concrete stain a high demand product, it is useful for people wishing to cover a large area with a low budget. The product has a coverage capacity of 400 to 800 square feet per gallon.

Zero toxic chemical

Kemiko is an acid-based concrete stain, it does not contain toxic compound and free from Volatile Organic Compound (VOC). It follows the regulatory policy that guides the use of chemical compound making it safe for use both indoors and outdoors. The formula is designed to contain metallic ions that can bond with the lime components present in concrete floors.

The bond created between Kemiko concrete stain and the concrete surfaces creates a long-lasting surface with the visual effect of the stain intact for a long duration.

Multiple colour option

The Stone Tone Stain comes in different colour options, it has about 9 different colour options. It saves you from monotonous design, you have the option of selecting different colours to stain different parts of your house. No matter the shade of colour you want you to have options to pick from as well as an effective concrete stain.

  • Kemiko concrete stain covers a large surface area
  • It is safe for use and can be mixed with water
  • It might not work well on old-style concrete

3. Concrete Stain Concentrate Resurrection Brand – Biodegradable and eco-friendly

The professional-grade concrete stain works to transform your concrete surface from a bland or unusual looking surface to one full of life and dazzling result. It is a water-based concentrate and is made up of a quality formula that preserves the integrity of the concrete surface it is applied on.


The Concrete concentrate resurrection brand comes in a little container of only 32 ounces this might be regarded as small to carry out large concrete staining. However, this is not the case with the concrete stain concentrate, it multiplies thorough mixing with water. You can mix the 32-ounce container with 1.25 to 2.5 gallons to get more ready to use stain volume.

The product is only effective if it is mixed with distilled water, distilled water makes the product easily mixable and ready to be used on surfaces. The coverage area of the concrete stain depends on the porosity of the concrete and the application rate, but on average, the diluted paint can cover between 100-500 square feet.

Custom colour cleaning

The concrete resurrection brand has the option of many colours you order for, asides from common in different colours, if the stains are applied when the concrete is still wet it melds and ends up creating unique patterns.

Colours can be played around with to obtain a different type of aesthetically pleasing stains on concrete surfaces. Different effects can be generated by the layering of colours over another.

Low-odour and eco-friendly

This concrete stain is a water-reducible concentrate and suitable for use anywhere you have a concrete surface and you are willing to transform it. It can either be for indoor or outdoor use, it is safe for any of the two. The concrete stain comes with a low odour, it only gives off an odour during application and it is almost immediately blown away. The compound the formula is made of are eco-friendly and do not cause harm to the surrounding environment.

  • Concrete stain concentrate can be easily diluted to give a more ready-to-use stain.
  • It has less odour and environmentally friendly.
  • The stain can create different multicolour layer and effects.
  • It wears off sooner than the acid-based stain.

4. Concrete Acid Stain Professional Grade – Easy to use

This is another product from the resurrection brand, it is a concrete stain suitable to be classified at a professional level. The concrete resurrection acid stain is semi-transparent and ideal to be used on different types of surfaces including concrete floors, driveways and typically any concrete surface you want to resurrect.

Easy application

The semi-transparent concrete acid stain is indeed a go-to option when it comes to creating dazzling stains on a concrete surface. If you are willing to take a dare and step out of the ordinary paint pattern, then you have probably found the right concrete stain. The concrete resurrection acid stain comes in different shades of colour and the colour can be explored and played with to give different patterns and design.

The process of creating coloured translucent, transparent, variegated and marbleized effect is quite easy when it comes to using this professional-grade acid stain. It can be applied to concrete surfaces by using a hand pump sprayer for convenience, brush, sponge and cotton rag.

Art of Acidic stain

One of the finest effects of this stain is the acidic property and effect it has on surfaces. The acidic stain art plays out on concrete surfaces as no two pieces of concrete can stain the same way. The difference between the texture of concrete, the dilution ratio of the acidic stain all determines what the final appearance of the surface will look like.

The concrete stain comes in a container of 1 gallon, depending on how it is diluted and the texture of the concrete you can cover up to 100-200 square feet.

  • The process of applying the acidic stain to surfaces is simple.
  • Creates a colour effect that is unique to each surface.
  • More stains might be needed to complete large projects

5. Rust-Oleum Concrete Stain Spray – Portable Concrete Stain

The small and portable concrete stain made by Rust-Oleum is one of a kind when it comes to concrete staining. The stain is made up of water-based formula that can penetrate the concrete surface for a rich semi-transparent colour.

Spray technology

One of the constraints of other types of concrete stain is in the size, while the large size is convenient for carrying out mega projects or staining different portion of the house, it is a bit tedious as there is a need to get smaller containers to use or the need to make use of several application kits. For Rust-Oleum the process of application to concrete surfaces is made easier with the adoption of the spray technology, the stain is applied directly to the surface with less need for application kits.

The spray head is made a bit larger to accommodate the comfort of a finger on the trigger to reduce finger fatigue. It also comes along with any-angle spray technology allowing you to spray from the can in any direction.

Suitable for exterior use

Most stains used on concrete surfaces outdoors often fade off or get chipped due to weather factor. Rust-Oleum is highly recommended for exterior use due to its durability; the formula is built to withstand high weather factor and also ultraviolet rays. The durability of this stain spray protects concrete surfaces from chipping or peeling.

Although the paint can is suitable for spraying along little surfaces due to the size of the can, it still maintains the highest quality for the little quantity it has. Surfaces are revived and kept looking new and bright with the use of Rust-Oleum. It is ideal for adding accents to large items and dealing with smaller projects.

  • It is weather and ultraviolet ray resistant.
  • The concrete stain can be sprayed directly to surfaces without the need for kits.
  • Rust-Oleum comes in different colours that can be selected.
  • It might require more than one coat of application.
  • Rust-Oleum is not suitable for staining large-sized rooms.

Buyer’s Guide

Concrete stains create unique patterns and colours on concrete surfaces. They also strengthen and protect the floor.

What is concrete stain?

Concrete surfaces do not have to be boring; they can come in beautiful and unique colour to give more visual appeal. The curated colouring materials of a concrete stain are made up of chemicals that react with concrete surfaces to give better aesthetical value.

The beauty of the concrete stain is that the colour comes off inconsistently and in almost every area of the concrete surface there is a new colour and pattern that comes off after the application of the concrete stain.

Concrete stain does not only bring about beauty to the concrete surface alone, it also protects the surface from damage and makes it more durable.

Concrete stain or Paint

Both stain and paint are applied to surfaces like that of concrete, but they are easily distinguished from each other. One of the differences between concrete stain and paint is in the application. For concrete stain, it gets soaked into the concrete surface during the curing process to give out a different outcome from that of the concrete paint. The concrete paint does not get soaked into the concrete, rather it remains on the surface of the concrete and can easily be peeled off.

Stains also have colour variation after application, while the paint has a fixed colour. Their process of application is also different from each other. Paints are usually applied with the aid of a brush or rollers, while stains are applied with sprayers.

What type of concrete surface can I stain?

Stains are very much compatible with concrete surfaces and can be used on any type of concrete. The concrete floor needs to be hardened completely before stains are used on them. For new concrete surfaces that have not cured completely and stained, it leads to a marred-up surface and does not bring out the beauty of the stain on the concrete surface.

You can also get to redo stained concrete surface. For a surface that has been formerly stained maybe for a long time ago, after a new stain is applied to it, it reflects new shades of colour and often deeper than the first one.

What concrete stain is best for my floor?

It is well known that there are many types of commercial concrete stains available for use on surfaces. If you are interested in staining your concrete floor, there are some factors you should consider before finally selecting one.

How well does it bond?

Probably one of the most important factors to consider when trying to buy a concrete stain. The way concrete stains work is quite different from each other, some of them have higher bonding capacity than others which is a very important property when it comes to staining concrete surfaces.

The bonding capability of concrete stain also depends on the property of the stain. We have both the acid and water-based stain with different level of penetration and bonding capability.

Component of the stain

What makes up the stain is as important as how much it works or effective. The stains are a function of their component, identifying the component of the stain can also help you decide if it is a good choice for your floors or not. Asides from identifying components for surfaces, it also matters for safety as well.

The difference between acid and water-based stain also accounts for safety levels. In most cases, the water-based stain is often safer to use than the acid stain as the name also implies. The constituents such as the organic compounds present also matters, you can also check for any other ingredient you consider harmful to your health, pet or your environment.

Dilution and addition

If you are the fast and ready-to-use kind of person, then you might want to go for the acid-based stain, the acid-based stain come in a ready to use package that allows direct spraying on surfaces without the need for dilution or any other form of addition.

This is not the case with the water-based stain, this type of concrete stain requires you to dilute it before using it, in addition to dilution, you also have to mix it with ingredients like the resin and pigments before applying it to concrete surfaces.

Colour staining

All concrete stains produce one colour or the other, or even multiple colours and shades. However, knowing what type of colour a stain will give you helps you decide which colour you want and also which stain to go for when trying to stain the concrete surface.

One of the best metrics to distinguish between the stain colour class is the type of shade they produce, there are light shades and darker ones. Depending on the position of your floor and what type of effect you want it to have you can decide on which one to go with.

The water-based stain also has its advantage during this phase, it has more broadband of colours that can be selected or used for concrete floors compared to its counterpart that has limited options of colour.

Drying time

Like most things applied to surfaces, it takes time for it to dry completely and be available for leg traffic or complete use. You probably do not want to wait a long time before you have access to your house or workstation simply because you stained your floors. Except, the place you are staining is not in constant use, you might want to go for a product that dries faster.

Outdoor or Indoor use

The choice for a concrete stain for outdoor use is quite different from that of indoor use due to several reasons among which is the weather condition and UV light. In the case of outdoor concrete surfaces, it is exposed to more UV light for a prolonged period and tends to require an extra layer of protection to make the stain last longer.

Acid or Water-based concrete stain

The term water or acid-based stain has been mentioned multiple times in things to watch out for when selecting a concrete stain. Both are a good example of concrete stain; however, they have some different characteristics that often determine which one to select for different conditions and surfaces.

The acid stain is usually a hard type of stain with fast-drying capability, it is also suitable for outdoor surfaces as it is more durable. Another leverage of the acid-based stain is in the ease of usage. The acid-based stain comes in a sprayer container for direct application to surfaces.

On the other hand, the water-based stain gives a milder feel for the stain, it comes with multiple colour options that can be selected from. It is generally safer to use than the acid-based stain.

Why does my concrete stain gets faded?

Concrete stains are generally durable when compared to ordinary paints, they penetrate deeply into surfaces and last longer. Concrete stains do not get faded away easily as they are usually protected by a concrete sealer. If your concrete surfaces get faded easily it could either be the stain is not effective or defective or the surface is outdoor; outdoor surfaces are exposed to more adverse weather conditions and can get faded easily.

A good option to prevent fading from your concrete surface is either by using the most suitable concrete stain for each surface or protecting surfaces from adverse effect. If stained surfaces get faded you can have them resurfaced and stained.

How do I stain my concrete surface?

The process of staining is not that difficult, you can get your floor stained in no time if you observe the general procedures for staining a surface.

Preparing the surface

You need to have the supposed floor in the best condition as much as possible, this is a crucial part of the application of stains to surfaces. The purpose of preparing surfaces is to get rid of every dirt or contaminant that might affect how the stain will work on such surfaces.

Stains require penetration into surfaces, to be able to have a fine and long-lasting ability. Cleaning it allows every dirt on the surface to be removed completely and prevents it from clogging up pores of the surface. If there are foreign objects on the surfaces it leads to inconsistent colours coming off after the application of stains.

Soap and water can be used in getting rid of dirt from surfaces and in extreme cases, a pressure washer can be made use of.

Making safety a priority

Concrete stains are chemicals in nature and demand some level of safety during application. Most especially if you are working with the acid-based stain which is known to be less mild than the water-based stain.

Some basic protective gadgets can be used to prevent self-harm while applying concrete stain. You can make use of a respirator and a face shield to protect your face from damage and also from inhaling the odour that comes with the application. You might also need to use gloves or boots depending on how heavy the application is and for safer application.

Application of concrete stain

The major part of concrete staining is the process of applying it on surfaces. There is no one way about how the application process should be like, it all depends on the manufacturer’s instruction usually contained on the packaging material of the stain bought.

For the acid-based concrete stain, it comes in a spray container making it very much convenient to be used. This increases the productivity and maximization of the concrete stain used. It also encourages precision and there is little waste of concrete stain.


There is no extra or special finisher required. After the application of stain to surfaces, allow it to dry completely. The dry surfaces are then thoroughly cleaned and neutralized with the aid of cleaner and neutralizer to get rid of harmful residues from the concrete surface.

When all of these is completed, it is best to leave the surface for about 2 days or more to get rid of the toxic fume completely.

How much stain is needed to complete my floor?

The amount of stain needed for your floor is completely dependent on the size of your floor. For concrete stains, an average gallon of stain can cover up to 350 square feet. Information about the coverage area of different concrete stains is also given as a product label.

The coverage area given might not be completely accurate for differing reasons. The area reached with the stain is also determined by the user. Darker shades of colour from the stain require a double or triple coating to give it that effect. Lighter shades can also be obtained by diluting the stain to achieve that level of lightness.

How long is required to stain concrete surface

The amount of time that it takes an individual to finish staining a concrete surface depends on the size of the surface, the thickness or thinness of the stain, and experience completing this type of project. It can take different duration to complete the same size of a surface.

In addition to the timing it takes to get the surface painted, there is also the duration before a stained concrete surface gets dry. Generally, concrete stains get dried faster than concrete paints. The factors that affect the dry time includes; humidity, temperature and airflow, although different stain products feature different drying time ranging from minutes to a couple of hours. Majorly, all type of concrete stains has a total cure time of 24 hours.

Do I seal my concrete floor after staining?

The whole point of sealing is to give an extra layer of protection to the surface. Either the concrete surface is sealed or painted, it requires a layer of protection by sealing, this prolongs the lifespan of the floor. If the area stained faces a lot of leg traffic, it is essential to seal for the durability of the surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to paint or stain concrete?

It’s recommended that you stain over your concrete, this way you are able to get both the color and protection. The painting will only last a few years before it begins to fade. With staining, you will be able to protect your concrete from spills and dirt without washing the entire thing every time. Also staining is better than painting because it is more cost-effective.

How long after staining concrete can you seal it?

It depends on the type of stain and sealer you use, but for epoxy stains and sealers it’s usually about 3-5 days. Epoxy staining systems are designed to be sealed within 5 days due to their slow reactivity with concrete.

Some reasons a longer wait is required: 1) When water enters into your concrete, no matter what you do, there will always be some trapped between the sand particles 2) In most cases, unless your garage or driveway is completely clean (dust-free), they will still have dirt in them that will act as an insulator.

How long does concrete stain last?

Concrete staining can last anywhere from one to twelve years, depending on a number of factors. The type of stain you use and the frequency with which you seal the concrete will largely determine how long your stain lasts.

The most common types of stains are water-based, acid-based, or solvent-based semi-gloss or flat stains. Water-based stains are generally the safest for indoor applications and they have an average life expectancy between two and five years if properly maintained. Acid-based stains could last up to twelve years without maintaining it unless they were installed in direct sunlight. These types of concrete stains may fade more quickly than water-based stains when exposed to outdoor conditions.

Will concrete stain peel off?

Concrete stain is a penetrating sealer that adds color to concrete. It will not “peel off”.

Is concrete stain waterproof?

Yes. Specially designed waterproofing stains and sealers can be applied to address moisture issues resulting from concrete stains being applied over unsealed areas such as exposed aggregate concrete or bare plywood. If your home is already finished with a completely sealed exterior surface then concrete staining can actually help reinforce that barrier by sealing in stain color permanently.

Does concrete stain hide imperfections?

Concrete is a very porous material and lacks the protection of an epoxy coating. Concrete stains serve three purposes; to seal the surface (preventing the pores from absorbing moisture), adding color, and to hide imperfections in the concrete. While concrete stain does minimize some minor imperfections, it can only be applied over bare clean concrete that has been sealed with a penetrating sealant. If your existing patio or sidewalk was stained before you purchased your home, it is likely not sealed and will have absorbed soil fillers right down into the surface of your concrete. These small particles act like sandpaper removing any new stain after about one year when they build up enough for you to see them.


Concrete stain forms a way to retain and enhance a good concrete surface, staining takes the step of maintenance a bit further by creating a lot of dazzling patterns and bright print on surfaces. Colours can be mixed to customise how the concrete surface looks.

Different types of concrete stains can be used depending on the location of the surface (indoor or outdoor). The concrete stains come with their unique feature; we are assured that you will get a suitable concrete stain from the reviewed list of our best concrete stains.

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