Best Granite Polishes 2021 – Reviews

polishing-granite-surface Granite surface is one of the most desirable choices for countertops, vanity tops, backsplashes etc. Granite gives surfaces a natural stone look that brightens up your interior space. The use of granite on surfaces also makes such surface durable and can last for several years. As beautiful and long-lasting as granite surfaces are, they need to be maintained to retain the shining look.

A requirement to keep your granite surface glistering is by polishing. Polishing granite surfaces allows the surface to keep its glossy finish, the beauty of granite surface is in its fine polished surface. It is important to use the right granite polish for your countertop or backsplashes surface. We are sure you will find a suitable granite polish among our list of the best granite polishes.

Best Granite Polishes in June, 2021

1. TriNova Granite Cleaner and Polish – Effective Cleaner and Enhancer

The TriNova product is unique in its functionality, it serves the dual purpose of cleaning and polishing granite surface. The granite cleaner and polish is best suited to keep your surfaces in a good state, it is effective for keeping your surface shining and it is also safe for use.

Enhances shine

Do you have a granite countertop that has suddenly gone dull? Or you need to keep your surface shining as ever? TriNova granite product is designed to take care of your granite surfaces, by applying the product on surfaces you keep the shine of your countertop in place.

TriNova takes care of the mess on surfaces to ensure that surfaces are left in an attractive and shiny state. It can be used for your countertop, travertine, Silestone etc.

Effective cleaner

TriNova does not only make your surface shine, it is specially designed to keep the counter surface clean. It cleans stone surfaces effectively without any form of damage, most cleaners bring about a form of damage or another to surfaces during cleaning application. TriNova leaves your surface spotless and clears away dirt to keep it shinning.

The granite cleaner keeps a streak-free surface even under the presence of bright light, the stone counter comes off as a mirror-like without leaving residue. No dirt is spared off your counter to keep it shiny.


Cleaning or polishing a surface often leaves behind a room full of chemical odour as an aftermath of the cleaning exercise. The TriNova granite cleaner leaves a clean countertop and an odourless room. TriNova removes all forms of chemical odours after cleaning. This feature makes it an excellent choice for both exterior and interior usage, it can also be used in areas like the kitchen where food is produced.

TriNova is safe for use, it is PH neutral and won’t wear out the sealant used. The granite cleaner can be used on multiple types of surfaces with the same result and offering protection over surfaces.

  • It cleans and enhances the shine of the stone.
  • TriNova leaves no chemical odour or residue behind.
  • It can be used for all types of premium stones, and other surfaces.
  • The TriNova cleaner might not be effective enough for deep cleaning.

2. Granite Gold Polish Spray Streak-Free Shine – Easy Application

Just like the name, Granite Gold Polish brings out a streak-free shine on your stone surfaces. It is formulated to be used on granite, marble, travertine, quartz, ceramic surfaces etc. It is safe for use as it is non-toxic or acidic, it can be applied on multiple surfaces.

Easy to apply

The mode of application of Granite Gold polish is quite simple, the polish comes in a spray container allowing you to spray easily on stone surfaces. With the Granite Gold polish, you have little need for kits or accessories when applying, the spray bottle offers convenience and lets your granite surface resist stains, smudges or dirt.

The polish spray comes in a 24-ounce bottle, convenient to be carried and applied to surfaces. Spray the bottle directly onto the countertop and with a little wipe from a paper towel, you can have a smooth and shiny surface. The Granite Polish leaves behind no residue after wiping.

Works on multiple surfaces

If your surfaces are made of different materials, you do not need to buy a different set of polishes to maintain them. The Granite Gold polish serves the purpose of multiple polishes, it can work on different stone surfaces. It works on surfaces like granite, marble and other types of the natural stone surface. It can also work on the Corian and quartz surface.

The product is well formulated to be suitable for all these types of surfaces and still leave behind a smooth and sparkling surface. The use of Granite Gold polish makes it easy for you to protect and maintain your stone surface.

Safe for use

One requirement that makes a product desirable for use is its toxicity level, no one wants to make use of a harmful product or one that contains compounds that are regarded as harmful. Granite Gold polish takes away the worries of harm as the product complies with toxicity levels and requirement.

Granite Gold polish is non-toxic, non-acidic, it is safe for usage indoors as well as in food preparation areas and surfaces. The product does not contain phosphate or ammonium that can be seen as toxic to human. The product is pH balanced which means it does not attack surfaces it is used on.

  • Granite Gold comes in a spray bottle making the application process easy.
  • It is non-toxic and safe to use
  • If you used it on some floor surface, it can become slippery.

3. WEIMAN Granite Stone Clean, Polish and Protect – Beautification and Restoration

Weiman Granite and Stone comes as a 3 in one package, it carries out the role of cleaning, polishing and protection. Upon application on the stone surface, it works effectively in cleaning the surface of grimes or dirt, it gives the surface a facelift through polishing and ensures continuous protection of the surface from damage.

Protects surfaces

The Granite and Stone is a specialized formula positioned to carry out multiple purposes. One of the strong areas in the use of the Granite and Stone is in the protection it offers surface. After the cleaning and polishing process of surfaces, the specialized formula ensures that your surface continues to experience long-time protection from grime, stains and dirt and keeps your surface shining always.

The product is neither acidic nor alkaline, it is crafted to have a balanced pH formula. The balanced pH of Granite and Stone gives more power of protection, it keeps surfaces in their natural state and also prevents the stone’s seal from discolouration, deterioration or from regular stains.

The superior polishing power of Weiman Granite and Stone allows surfaces to appear with a whole new level of lustre and keeps the stone protected from damage.

Restores and Beautify

Weiman Granite and Stone guarantee the enhancement of the natural beauty of surfaces in your home. The 3 in one formula is made to shine and brighten natural sealed stone surfaces. For surfaces that have been subjected to use and damage can get restored to a former or even a better state, Weiman Granite and Stone safely lifts off dirt and grime from surfaces.

It should be used regularly after cleaning to keep the surface polished. It can be used for surfaces in different locations in the house like the kitchen and bathroom, tiles, shower stalls etc. Granite and Stone beautify surfaces through polishing and does this without leaving a streak.

  • It restores dull and faded surfaces to a lustrous shine
  • The product does not contain harmful compounds that can damage surfaces.
  • It does not carry out the work of a sealer.

4. Therapy Granite & Stone Cleaner & Polish – Plant-based cleaner

Therapy Granite and Stone cleaner come in a different format, the product applies a gentle but yet effective touch in cleaning and polishing the surface. It comes with lemon essential oil to give it extra effect. Therapy polish brings a sparkling effect to your granite and stone surface after polishing.

Dissolve dirt and grime

Cleaning and polishing agents are expected to get rid of dirt and stains while giving the surface a bright polishing. Therapy Granite and Stone Cleaner bring by a different method of getting rid of dirt, it dissolves grease, oil and grime present on surfaces it is applied on. This process is powerful and highly effective, it also happens almost instantaneously.

Therapy Granite and Stone cleaner removes streaks from surfaces and polishes them to have a smooth and lustrous surface. It works for many surfaces including granite, quartz, onyx, marble etc.

Protected finish

Therapy cleaner and polisher protects your surface and prevents the need for constant cleaning or polishing. It makes your surfaces stay cleaner for longer by giving surface protection that prevents damages and stains on the surface.

The formula is made with the inclusion of plant-based ingredients. These ingredients add a natural feel to your home, they give off a light subtle fragrance in addition to the already glossy and protected finish.

Microfiber towel

For the ease and effectiveness of application, Therapy Granite and Stone cleaner come with a microfiber towel that can be used for wiping surfaces. After the initial spray of the product on surfaces, it should be wiped with a clean and dry microfiber towel for the best effect.

The process of application of cleaning and polishing is made easier with Therapy Cleaner and Polish. The bottle comes with a spray head that gives lets you directly apply on surfaces, and you can make use of the clean microfiber towel that comes with the product to wipe the surface.

  • It dissolves dirt and grime on surfaces at high speed.
  • Therapy Granite and Stone cleaner are eco-friendly and non-toxic.
  • It gives absolute protection to surfaces.
  • It comes in a small amount and not suitable for large usage.

5. Stone Care International Granite Stone Polish – Multiple Surface Polisher

The 24-ounce polish works to protect, shine and enhance the brilliance of sealed stone surfaces. The Stone Care International Granite and Stone Polish is water-based and does not cause damage to surfaces. It protects your surfaces from staining and dulling but rather keep them bright and shining.

Versatile use

The Stone Care Granite cleaner is recommended for daily use, unlike other forms of cleaner and polisher that are used occasionally the Stone Care formula is used daily to keep surfaces in a shiny state. The product is gentle in touch but still very effective in getting rid of stains and cleaning surfaces.

It works well on Marble, Granite and different surfaces. It is also a great option when you need to polish your countertops, vanities, shower walls, columns etc. Using the Stone Care polish regularly after cleaning allows surfaces to retain a bright and shining look.

Easy to use

The spray-on cleaner is easy to use for a daily recommendation. You can use it to get rid of difficult grease and oil stain surfaces. It safely beautifies and shines stone surfaces without leaving behind streaks and with a neutral pH formula, it prevents the surfaces from discolouration or deterioration.

  • It can be used for daily cleaning to keep your surface shiny and bright.
  • Stone Care enhances the natural veining and patterns of stone surfaces.
  • The granite cleaner can be on the streaky side.


Granite surfaces require that they are constantly cleaned and polished to give them a bright surface and also prevent discolouration or deterioration. Different surfaces require a different type of polishes, finding the right polish for your surface is quite important. Asides from the polish used, the cleaner also matters, although some of the reviewed products serve versatile use of cleaning, polishing and sealing.

Using the wrong granite polish can cause a damaged or dull surface. To prevent this, we have put together a review of some of the best granite polishes that can help you maintain a bright and shiny surface.

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