Best Grout Sealers for Saltillo and Porcelain Tile 2021 – Reviews

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Best Grout Sealer for Saltillo and Porcelain Tile

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tile Grout is a common material used during building and installation of tiles. The usual constituents of grout are cement, sand and water, it is used to fill the seams between tiles. Due to the sandy component of grout, it is prone to be damaged or discolored when it comes in contact with water or any other type of liquid. To avoid this damage, it is important to use a grout sealer.

A grout sealer forms a layer of protection for the grout used and protects your tile. As a tile user, you might wonder what grout sealer is best to use for your tiles, especially when using a special type of tile like the Saltillo and Porcelain tile. Check out in this post the review of the best grout sealers to use for Saltillo and Porcelain tiles.

Best Grout Sealers for Saltillo and Porcelain Tile in October, 2021

Miracle Sealants

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500 - 1000 sq ft Check Price
2Aqua Mix225 sq ft Check Price
3Homax Seriesup to 75 sq ft per aps. Check Price
4Seal It Greenup to 75 sq ft per aps. Check Price
5Miracle Sealants Sprayup to 75 sq ft per aps. Check Price

1. Miracle Sealants 511 Impregnator Sealer – Easy application

The 511 Miracle Impregnator sealer penetrates deep into surfaces and offers a high level of protection to surfaces it is applied to.  This sealer leaves an invisible barrier over the surface it protects, making it resistant to damage from moisture or stains.

Miracle sealant does not change the natural look of your surfaces and it is considered a great fit for your Saltillo and Porcelain tile as it preserves the original colour of the surface.

Suitable for interior and exterior use

When you use the 511 Impregnator grout sealant on tiles, it protects the surface by providing an invisible barrier over it, yet allowing water vapour to escape to create a stronger surface. Surfaces, where this grout sealer is used, are harder and made less slippery.

The strong feature of the 511 Impregnator makes it a choice sealer to use for both interior and exterior tiles, it is suitable for a range of applications on different surfaces and tiles in various locations.

The grout sealer is even more applicable to places where foods are being prepared or handled, as it is safe to use in food preparation areas. The sealer meets up with the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) requirements for safety and does not give off any toxic fume.


The 511 Impregnator is considered less expensive when compared to other types of grout sealer and it still gives you excellent value when used. Asides from the reduced cost of getting this sealer it covers more area. A gallon of 511 Impregnator can cover up to 4000 square feet while a quart can cover up to 1000 square feet, this saves you a huge cost and still allows you to get more area covered. Nothing beats getting more value at a lesser cost.

Easy to use

Another standing feature of this sealer is its ease of usage, it is very easy to apply the sealer to the surface even if you are at beginner level of DIY. The sealing of tiles can be done immediately after the tiles have been done and the grout is completely dried, it can also be applied on tiles that are not newly installed but require a sealer to maintain them.

The installation of the tiles will determine what tool you will use in applying the sealer, but commonly, brush and rollers are used for applying the 511 Impregnator sealer to the tile seam line. Care needs to be taken while applying the sealer with brush or rollers to avoid direct contact with the tiles.

  • Gives a high level of protection against moisture and stains
  • It forms an invisible barrier and does not change the colour or appearance of the surfaces it is applied on.
  • It has a deep penetrating power thereby making surfaces harder and slip-resistant.
  • When applied on some surfaces, there might be an initial issue of odour.

2. Aqua Mix Sealer’s Choice Gold Quart – Maximum stain resistance

Aqua Mix Sealer is a water-based penetrating sealer suitable for use for a wide range of surfaces including the Saltillo and Porcelain tiles. The Aqua Mix sealer is famously known for the high stain resistance it offers to surfaces it is applied to, the maximum stain resistance is a unique feature of Aqua Mix and why we consider it as one of the best grout sealers.


The Aqua mix sealer has a vast range of applications, it is compatible with a lot of surfaces from dense to low-porosity surfaces. Aqua sealer also penetrates deep into surfaces to offer more protection.

The versatility of the Aqua mix sealer goes beyond using it after tile installation as a grout sealer, you can also make use of it as a pre-grouting sealer. For long-lasting effect, a sealer can be applied on the surface before adding the grout and the Aqua mix sealer is an excellent choice when it comes to pre-grouting.

High Stain Resistance

The best way to apply Aqua mix sealer to surfaces is through the use of a paint pad applicator or a brush. The mixture penetrates the surface and excess solution should be wiped off the surface immediately after application. Some porous surfaces may require more application than others.

The mixture protects the surface and prevents stain and moisture from penetrating the tiles. It comes with the latest micro bond technology that gives it more efficient than other water-based sealers.


The Aqua Mix Sealer offers a lasting effect on surfaces, the rapid new cure formula begins protection in less than 4 hours of application. If applied correctly the protection can last for years depending on the texture and type of surface.

Aqua mix sealer is designed to make surfaces stand the test of time, by creating a weather-resistant surface

  • Aqua Mix Sealer leaves a natural smooth finish on surfaces.
  • It is safe for use in the food environment and other sensitive areas.
  • It works effectively as a pre-grouting sealer as well as after grouting sealing.
  • It is considered one of the higher-priced sealers.
  • Covers less surface area per gallon.

3. Homax Series 22 oz. Silicone Grout Sealer – Extra Layer of Protection

The Homax Silicone Grout Sealer comes with its special care when it comes to dealing with grout line, it protects the grout line of ceramic tile surfaces. It works by first sealing off the surface of the grout and then providing an extra layer of protection over it

Trigger Spray

Homax Series 22 Oz sealer comes in a container with spray, the spray option of the sealer makes applying sealer on surface a lot easier. With the Homax series, you require less kits like brush or roller during application and you can maximize the use of the sealer during application to surfaces.

Protects Grout Line

The Sealer has an efficient line of defense against damage to grout. Once you apply Homax Sealer to any surface, it penetrates the surface to protect the grout line from moisture and stain. The protection seals out water that will otherwise cause damage to the tile, it also forms a physical barrier on the grout line to resist mildew stain.

  • Homax sealer works on both sanded and unsanded grout.
  • It is easy to apply to surfaces.
  • The sealer lasts longer on grout line and gives protection to the grout.
  • It can work on limited number of surfaces.
  • You might need to apply more than two coatings on grout line.

4. Seal It Green Xtreme Impregnating Grout Sealer – Multipurpose sealer

When you are speaking about ranges in terms of sealers, Seal it Green takes the spotlight. The Green Sealer has a vast range of applications in terms of surfaces and tiles, it has different uses as well making it a multipurpose sealer.

The little but yet mighty water-based formula brings a rapid and effective solution to the problem of grout and stains on Saltillo and Porcelain surfaces, it also works on other types of surfaces like granite, marbles, ceramics, etc.

Sealing, Protection and Cleaning

With the Green sealer formula, you can have an ever-shining tile with the grout looking brand new. It works by sealing the grout in and forms a layer of protection that prevents all kinds of stains from getting to the grout. The typical black stains and grimes that are present in tiles and floor surfaces are eliminated by the Green Sealer and every day you can have your floor looking sparklingly clean.

The wonder does not just end at sealing grout and tiles, it also functions well for effective cleaning. You can spray the formula on the different types of tiles, floor made of ceramics or marbles, and the showers, and the result is a clean surface. Cleaning becomes easier with Seal It Green Xtreme.

The process of application is very easy and simple to follow, you need to clean the surface first to get rid of stains and grime, allow the surface to get dry before applying the sealer. The sealer usually comes in a spray bottle and makes the work easier.

Massive strength

Do not be deceived by the size of the Seal It Green container, as in this case, mighty things come in small quantities.

The sealer is actively made up of plant-based formula that ensures that surfaces are deeply penetrated and protected. The Green Sealer is made with innovative stain block technology, making it highly effective and recommendable for you Saltillo and Porcelain tiles as well as other types of surface.


Asides from being a multipurpose sealer and cleaner, the water-based formula is produced to be safe for use. It contains no Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) making it safe to be used indoors as it is also free from odor.

  • It has multiple functionalities, it seals the grout, protects surfaces from stains and also cleans.
  • It has the spray-on option and makes it easy to apply on surfaces.
  • It is odourless and safe to use indoors.
  • It comes in a small-sized container.

5. Miracle Sealants Grout Aerosol Spray Penetrating Sealers – Effective and Efficient

The Miracle sealant products are famously known for their high performance when it comes to sealing grout. This Miracle aerosol spray is not left out either from the efficiency of the brand products.

A major distinguishing factor of this particular product from other Miracle Sealants is the container it comes in; it is available in a pressurized spray bottle. This 15-ounce spray bottle allows you to apply the sealant onto surfaces easily.

Easy application

You do not have to worry about getting extra kits to work, this version of Miracle Sealant is suitable for easy application.

The bottle has a spray feature, allowing quick and fast penetration into surfaces, the formula rapidly seals grout. It is far more suitable for use with tiles that have narrow seams between them, it allows you to target the surface and maximize the use of the sealant.

After the application of grout to a surface, the Aerosol Spray Sealer can be applied as early as 2 hours to ensure no stain or moisture gets into the surface.

Protection from stains and moisture

The Miracle Aerosol Sealant is made to be used on a different surface, it has many tiles and surfaces as an option to be used on. It performs optimally on sanded or un-sanded surfaces, it can be used in direct application after grouting, it can as well be used for old grout.

On whichever of these surfaces or grout, you used the Miracle sealant on, it offers long and lasting protection to such surface. Even tough and grainy grout gets maximum protection from stains and moisture that can damage tiles.

A striking feature of this sealant is that it is Ultraviolet transparent, it will not change colour neither would it change the colour of the surface it is applied on. It leaves your Porcelain tiles in their natural state.

  • The Spray-on sealer offers a quick and easy option of applying on surfaces
  • It does not change the colour of whatever surface it is applied to.
  • It dries off easily and prevents messy jobs
  • It is only fit for small projects due to its size.
  • Precision is required while using to avoid spraying on other surfaces.


Maintenance of tiles comes right from its installation; the type of tile installed the measure that will be put in place. Grouts are needed to fill up the seam between tiles, due to the sandy nature of grout it requires a sealer to hold it in place.

For you to make an excellent choice of grout sealer for your tiles, we have featured some of the best grout sealers that will be a great fit for your tiles. You should select the one that meets your needs in terms of water or oil resistance, deep penetration, and if it is fit for indoor or outdoor usage.

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