Best Marble Sealers 2021 – Reviews

sealing-marble-kitchen The beauty of a house has a lot to do with the marbles. If your marbles are in great shape and condition, there is little to worry about. However, given the active usage and movement in your home, the chances are high that you or your children can spill stuff on the marbles. When this happens, the spilled drink, water, or any liquid material can travel deep into the marbles through the pores. This not only gradually weakens your marble but also works to reduce its shining and beautifying abilities.

However, this is not without a solution. While you can try to be careful with spilling things, we are humans, and humans are not above mistakes. This is why the use of marble sealers is the best way to keep your marbles in good condition and prevent spillages’ fatal effects. With the best marble sealers, you can fill up the pores in your marbles, thereby making it strong enough to withstand any form of spillage. By so doing, you can easily clean up without risking any marble damage. Therefore, to get the best marble sealers in the market, I do the scrutiny and offer you a comprehensive list below.

Best Marble Sealers in September, 2021

 SealerCovers (quart) 
1 StoneTech BulletProof
Editor's Choice
up to 200 sq ft Check Price
2Tuff Duckup to 200 sq ft Check Price
3Miracle Sealants500 - 1000 sq ft Check Price
4Granite Gold Sealerup to 75 sq ft per aps. Check Price
5Black Diamondup to 75 sq ft per aps. Check Price

1. StoneTech BulletProof Sealer – Best Sealer for Polished Marble Countertops

If you are looking for the best marble sealer to protect your interior stone without spending too much, you may start with this StoneTech BulletProof Sealer. It is thorough and fills all pores effectively, such that spillages find it extremely difficult to penetrate. This protects your marbles against any form of damage that may result from dirt or moisture.

Up To Five Years Protection

This is one product that offers excellent and air-tight marble protection for up to five years. Its strength lies in a subtle combination of top components, which make it thorough and long-lasting. After applying it, it continues to protect your marbles for such a long time, without compromising the marble texture or its inner parts.

Wide Coverage

This StoneTech BulletProof Sealer has a wide coverage, which spreads up to 100 square feet. This makes it a worthy sealer since its use can conveniently cover a wide area at once. This eliminates the stress of sealing different parts of the floor at different intervals. It also reduces the amount of sealer you have to use per room. With the wide coverage, this product can last for a long time before it finishes.

Why It’s The Best For Interior Stones

The reviews on this product affirm that the sealer is suitable for the protection of stones. It contains an excellent mix of top components and is also developed with the best water-based fluoropolymers. This makes it a perfect fit for natural stones and all forms of marbles you may have in your home or office. Therefore, it keeps your interior stones in the best shape you desire.

  • It is easy to use and requires no particular skill.
  • It is thorough and fills all pores in your marbles.
  • It has a wide coverage that ensures it covers all the marbles in your home.
  • Its effects are long-lasting for up to five years.
  • It makes marbles resistant, but not water-proof.
  • Too much spillage may penetrate through.
  • It may not last up to five years in the presence of heavy usage.

2. Tuff Duck Granite, Grout and Marble Sealer – Twice As Active

This product is suitable for sealing the pores in your marbles without damaging the surface and beauty. It is not only easy to use but also delivers excellent results within a short period. If you are looking to get a product that gives you the true value for your money, this Tuff Duck Granite, Grout, and Marble Sealer is a perfect pick.

Maximum Protection

Anyone looking to get a marble sealer is looking for a product they can apply and forget all worries about spillages on the floor. The makers of this product understand the consumer’s intents, so the product is optimized for maximum protection. It provides air-tight protection to your marbles by sealing all the pores and making the marbles resistant to dirt and moisture. With this product, when anything spills on your marbles, it doesn’t go beyond the surface.

Twice As Active

This product is twice as active as many other sealers you will find in the market. It contains ingredients specially combined to ensure adequate protection in a single coat. For some other sealers, you may need double coats to get the same result this Tuff Duck Granite, Grout and Marble Sealer will deliver.

Safe For Use

Protection is not the only feature of this product, but also safety. It contains no acidic component, which makes it compatible with your marbles without compromising the texture. For acidic sealers, once the acid comes in contact with the Calcium carbonate in your marble, it reacts negatively and may damage the marble. This product doesn’t cause such a reaction.

  • Its coverage is up to 200 square feet.
  • It takes a single coat to deliver excellent results.
  • It can withstand all forms of spillages.
  • It contains no acidic component, making it safe for use.
  • Users say that it even brightens the marbles after you apply it.
  • It may be too harsh on your marbles if applied in excess.
  • Users say it may take a more extended period before it works sometimes.

3. Miracle Sealants 511 Impregnator Penetrating Sealers – Best Impregnating Marble Sealer

Contained in a ready-to-use container, this sealer makes your marbles resistant to any penetrating element. It provides outstanding results without changing or affecting the color of your marbles. If you often stain your marble floor and don’t want to incur expenses, you may want to check this sealer.

Exceptional Coverage

With the ability to cover up to 1 000 square feet, this penetrating sealer boasts of one of the widest coverages you will find in the market. It offers excellent protection to a wide area all at once, without compromising quality or reducing its effects. With optimized components to protect your marble floor, this sealer goes in deep while still allowing the escape of water vapor.

It is also the ideal sealer if you have more than marble floors in your home or office. In that case, you do not have to get an extra sealer, as this one is perfect for all stones. This versatile product also offers protection against streaks, water spots, and gloomy areas on the surface of your marble floor.

Easy To Use

With its “pour and wipe” application method, this product offers an excellent user experience. It requires little effort to get amazing results. All you need to do is pour from the container, apply, give it a few minutes, and wipe off the surface. After that, you have a protected marble surface.

  • It offers exceptional coverage for your marble floor.
  • It offers maximum protection, which is oil and water-resistant.
  • It delivers impressive results without compromising the color of your marble.
  • It is multifunctional and protects not only the inner part of your marble, but also the surface.
  • Users say it may require a stiffer cleaning process.
  • You may need more than a single coat to get the results you need.

4. Granite Gold Sealer – Best Product for Effortless Application

Sometimes, all you need is a product that will get you results with little effort and easy application. This Granite Sealer does that perfectly by offering your marble floor maximum protection in using a “spray and wipe” application method.

Effortless Application

The last thing anyone wants is stress while applying a marble sealer. This product comes with a “spray and swipe” feature, making it the best for little effort. All you need do is to spray, wipe off with soft linen, and you have your amazing result. You can repeat this process up to three times to ensure adequate protection.

Safe For Food Surfaces

If you want to seal surfaces where you handle food, this product is a good pick. Asides from being non-acidic and non-toxic, it is also biodegradable and doesn’t contain phosphates. Therefore, it is safe for your food surfaces, and you can apply with no fear of health complications.

Adequate Protection

Whether for stains on the surface or spills that go in deep, this sealer is perfect. It protects your marble floor and makes it resistant to liquids and soil build-up.

  • It is cost-effective
  • Users say it is highly durable with long-lasting effects.
  • Its application process is easy and effortless.
  • It offers excellent scent that is safe for health and makes the atmosphere smell nicely.
  • Its coverage is not exceptional.
  • Users say it may leave dark spots on the marbles.
  • It may also have some residual effects on the floor if not appropriately applied.

5. Black Diamond Stoneworks GRANITE SEALER – Convenience and Low Odor

This product is excellent for your marble floor, as it offers resistance abilities to oil, water, and all liquids. It delivers timely, excellent results without any off-putting odor. This makes it a go-to for users who do not want sealers with scents that can be disturbing. After all, no one wants to spend money on products that will further cause complications.

Easy To Use

This product is one of the best sealers that offer a straightforward process for use. By spraying and swiping, this sealer gets things done and strengthens your marble floor as you desire. You may have to repeat the process more than once if you want to get improved results.

Unlike some other sealers that you may have to give some time, this Black Diamond Stoneworks Sealer can be wiped immediately after applying. It is not only easy to use but also has effects that penetrate deep as you spray.


It contains safe components and ingredients, which the manufacturers carefully combine for optimal results both at home or the office. Its ingredients are neither toxic nor corrosive, which ensures no adverse reaction when you apply it on your marble floor.

This product has garnered great reviews on safety, attesting to how safe it is for food surfaces and the home atmosphere. Asides from this, it also offers timely protection to your marble floor not only against spills but also germs.

Low Odor Level

While some users say it has no odor, others say it has a low level of it. Either way, this product has a minimal odor that is safe to breathe. Since it contains no dangerous components, its scent is safe in the house. Also, not having any form of disturbing odor allows users to do other things without leaving home so the odor can subside.

  • It is cost-effective and delivers great results within a short period.
  • With its “spray and wipe” process, you can use the product easily yet effectively.
  • The sealer not only makes your marble resistant but also protects the surface from water spots.
  • The easy push trigger helps to reduce fatigue while you use the product.
  • It is safe for use and safe for food surfaces.
  • It has a high level of penetration.
  • Its coverage area isn’t as great as you may desire.
  • You have to repeat the application process about three times to get maximum results.
  • Users say it can be time-consuming.
  • Users say it may leave a coating on the marble, which makes the surface dull.

What is a marble sealer?

Marble sealer, also known as a marble impregnator is a waxy substance that’s applied to marble in order to keep from staining or yellowing. It’s an extra barrier of protection for your flooring investment, akin to what polyurethane does for wood floors. Marble sealer consists of a combination of oils and waxes that is designed to penetrate deep into the pores in the stone. It fills the pores with an oily barrier, which is what helps protect your marble from staining. When water hits this shiny surface, it beads up and repels rather than soaking into the stone itself. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about murky residue or discoloration once it dries.

The oil mixes together with fine particles in order to make a glossy coating on top of your marble. This means that you will get a durable finish once it’s applied properly. However, you need to know how long marble sealer takes to dry in order for it be effective at sealing.

Why use a marble sealer?

There are multiple reasons why you should consider using a marble sealer:

1) The sealers will help prevent spills from seeping into the pores of the stone and

2) They keep dirt particles from leaching out onto your flooring surface. Both these problems can eventually lead to chipping if not addressed

3) Sealer will improve the look of your marble  floor by filling in stone pores and level out discoloration

4) In the case of unsealed marble, a sealer can be used to smooth over any scratches.

How to apply marble sealant

Step 1: Prepare the marble: you need to dry the surface of the marble with a towel and remove any grease on it. Then, dampen the sponge with water, wipe it on the surface carefully. Rub your fingers or roller to make sure that there is no dust left behind.

Step 2: Apply plenty of sealant into the sponge then rub it onto your marbles gently until they are shiny and glossed up again. Make sure that you work in even strokes on each section of your stone in order for a smooth finish. The whole process only takes 15 to 30 minutes. You can use cotton swabs or toothpicks to help you apply sealants on every corner of your floors if necessary. After applying the sealer you can let it dry for several hours or overnight. Then, you are ready to put things back in place and enjoy your sparkling marble.

Common mistakes people make when applying marble sealer

When people first use marble sealer to protect their countertops, they often have difficulty getting the results they were hoping for. This is usually because of a few common mistakes that are made along the way. Let’s take a look at these:

Mistake 1 – Improper prep work before applying marble sealer.

Marble Sealer will not be able to bond properly if the surface it is being applied on has not been properly prepared beforehand. In order for sealant or polish to stick to any surface, there has to be something that can actually bond with the product. A dirty and dull countertop is simply not going to provide this necessary base for your marble polisher to adhere too effectively.

Mistake 2 – Improper applying of marble sealer

Another mistake that was made often is applying too thin of a coat. The application must be very even so as not to have areas where the polish will not adequately cover and therefore, areas will appear dull in appearance. Thick coats are also another reason for marble sealer failure because when they dry it leaves behind an oily residue which makes the surface much more prone to scratching and scuffing than if you had used just one very thin and even layer.

Mistake 3 – Using improper polishes or tools while revitalizing marbled counters or other surfaces

There are some specific types of polishes that should only be used on certain types of countertops. For instance: Oil-based products like soap should never be used on painted concrete.

Using a professional service vs doing marble sealing yourself

If you are looking to have your marble sealed properly managed, there are five main factors to consider: Cost, Time Commitment, Pain and Discomfort (As you’ll be doing the job yourself), Skill Level (Are you capable of getting a professional result?) and Personal Preference.

With regards to cost, Professionally sealing marble sealers can cost between 5%-15% more than DIY marble sealing products. If it’s a large-scale project then this could potentially save lots of money in labor costs over the course of many years. However, if you’re only sealing one or two areas then it might not be worth forking out extra cash on professional service – especially as they may charge an additional fee for things like travel time. Professionals will seal your marble more quickly and better than a DIYer, but they will also use more expensive (and often harsher) products.

A professional worker will have all the right tools and products to guarantee the best result, and you should never need more than two or three coats of sealer – so it’s worth paying for quality. However…if you’re just sealing one or two small areas yourself then there’s no need to pay for professional services. You can simply buy some chemicals from your local hardware store as they’ll be cheaper without sacrificing great results. A 3-5% discount on cheap sealers won’t make any real difference in cost vs a professional service over time!

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if you don’t seal marble?

What happens if marble isn’t sealed: 1. Waterproofing abilities will suffer. 2. Surface scratches and stains will be more obvious 3. Granite / Marble will lose it’s shine 4. The natural color of the stone is lost and takes on a grayish hue or yellowed appearance 5. Maintaining good hygiene becomes difficult 6. Dirt, germs and bacteria build up 7. Cleaning becomes much harder 8. Stone is prone to staining which makes maintenance harder 9 . Daily cleaning requires more effort 10. The long-term cost of ownership rises 11. Maintenance fees in hotels/restaurants would also increase 12. Marble floors could become slippery when wet 13. Stains can settle deeper into the surface 14. This can lead to discoloring.

How can you tell if marble is sealed?

The basic rule of thumb is if the finish appears uniform and there are no chips or cracks, it has been sealed. However, in order to be 100% sure, you can do a quick test on the surface to see how likely it is that your marble countertop could get damaged by water. Take a piece of newspaper (make sure no ink from the paper was used on your stone – never use an ink pen on marble!) and pour some water onto the top. If it soaks in quickly without leaving any potential for staining then you know it’s been sealed well!

Does sealing marble change the color?

Marble is comprised of minerals, primarily calcite or dolomite. Both of these minerals are crystalline and will not change their color when sealed.

The common misconception about sealing marble is that it will change its color. While the sealer itself may impart a slight color to the stone, the process should not permanently alter its optical properties.

It’s important to remember that different colors and hues of marble can vary greatly due to multiple factors, one of which being the mineral makeup of that particular slab. Colors such as black or green marble are comprised of dark minerals such as pyrite or malachite and these stones tend to be less porous than lighter colored marbles that typically have calcite crystals in them.

How long does marble sealer last?

Marble sealer lasts for years and years but is not a permanent sealer. It will eventually wear off, especially if exposed to the elements (water), use & traffic (dirt from shoes, etc.), or other harmful substances – like paint strippers containing methylene chloride…

It’s best to re-seal your marble every one or two years for maximum protection. The only thing that will last forever is marble itself. Marble is extremely durable when sealed properly! That said, you can still damage it with improper cleaning techniques.


Getting the best marble sealer can be tricky if you do not know the right things to consider. If you choose to get any of the above products, you are likely to get excellent results. These are the best marble sealers you will find in the market, and they boast of long-lasting effects. Irrespective, when getting your marble sealer, ensure you adequately read the features. Do not rush through a product you will be using on your marbles, especially in your home or office.

All the products above can strengthen your marble floor to be more resistant. There is no favorite pick. However, if you want to cover wide surfaces at once, consider products with exceptional coverages, and you should be good.

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