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cleaning-tile-floor There is always the need to have our space made clean and attractive. This is especially true for hard surfaces like tiled surfaces. Tiles form an important part of our floors are designed and they add beauty to the area when they are well laid. Tile floor requires cleaning and maintenance to keep them in the best possible shape.

The process of cleaning the floor can be stressful, especially if you do the cleaning manually. But why waste time and energy cleaning your floors when you can get it done automatically with a tile floor cleaner? It can be hard choosing what tile floor cleaning machine to buy due to the different types of cleaners available. Worry no more and find out some of the best tile floor cleaner machines to buy for your cleaning.

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Best Tile Floor Cleaner Machines in September, 2021

1 BISSELL 1940
Editor's Choice
Corded6.82 pounds Check Price
2TinecoCordless6.5 pounds Check Price
3IDOOCordless8.78 pounds Check Price
4VMAICordless9.75 Pounds Check Price
5Bissell SymphonyCorded6.8 pounds Check Price

1. BISSELL Tile Floor Cleaner and Steamer – Comfortable to use

The Bissell Power Fresh Steam Mop works for different surfaces like hard floors, hardwood floors, tiles etc. You can get rid of stains off surfaces easily with the highly powered vacuum cleaner. It offers a comfortable handling process that allows for efficiency during operation.

Eliminates germ

There is no proper cleaning anywhere if germs are not removed, with the Bissell high powered vacuum cleaner you can get rid of stains, dirt and as well germs off surfaces. The cleaner has the chance of carrying deep cleaning without the use of chemicals, with the power of steam alone you can get rid of up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria.

The powerful steam system of the Bissell Power Fresh makes your ideal cleaner when it comes to getting rid of stains, dirt and germs.

Works on a hard surface

The cleaner is made out of toughness for toughness, Bissell steam mop is designed to clean up the dirt from hard floors and surfaces. You can clean up even the toughest tile and hard floors in your home, it works its way through the hard floor to give a result. Either you are working on a sealed hardwood, ceramic, granite or marble floor, you can get a clean surface with Bissell.

You can select from the 3 levels of steam based on your cleaning need. Customize how you want your cleaning to go and the amount of steam needed to accomplish your cleaning need. With the natural power of steam, you can clean and sanitize your floors and surfaces.

Comfort during usage

Bissell Power Fresh steam mop has an important feature to ensure you work efficiently and comfortably. It features a swivel steering for easy navigation and turning to reach every part of the floor surface without experiencing wrist fatigue. To complement this feature, you have a 23-foot power cord, allowing you to move comfortably and freely in all parts of the room you are cleaning.

The cleaner responds rapidly to digital control, and you can get it started and ready to use in 30 secs. The cleaner can work through the sticky mess and tough stains with the use of the flip-down easy scrubber. The easy scrubber can reach the almost impossible-to-reach surfaces of grout and crevices.

  • Has a customizable level for steam cleaning.
  • Gives off fresh scents while steam cleaning.
  • It can work through hard surfaces and eliminate germs.
  • It is a corded cleaner and only works with electricity.

2. Tineco iFLOOR Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Mop – Cordless cleaner

The Tineco cordless vacuum cleaner is a step ahead of others, it features a top-notch technology piece to get your cleaning done with ease. The vacuum cleaner is cordless and can also operate remotely, offering convenience to users while carrying out effective cleaning.

Powerful cleaning process

If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that considers your time and gets things done in a flash, then you are probably thinking about the Tineco iFloor vacuum cleaner. With this equipment, you can get to vacuum and wash your floors at the same time. You do not need to sweep or vacuum before mopping; you can scrub and dry your floors in simple steps using the Tineco vacuum cleaner and mop.

The cleaner comes with two different tank system for keeping water, it separates clean and dirty water to achieve the best cleaning results. It comes in handy to use when dealing with messy pet hair or sticky spills.

Works on multiple surfaces

Tineco cleaner can work on multiple surfaces, it exhibits an outstanding cleaning result on different types of indoor sealed hard surfaces like tiles, vinyl, laminate, linoleum, hardwood and stone. It is one of the best tool options when it comes to dealing with different types of surfaces.

Cord-free cleaner

This is perhaps one of the greatest advantages of using the Tineco cleaner is the convenience it offers during the cleaning exercise. You can activate a self-cleaning mode on the Tineco iFloor and the machine carries out cleaning with fresh water and detergent. It is cordless and with the touch of a single button, you can get a self-cleaning cycle.

  • You can work hands-free while the cleaner automatically gets to work.
  • It operates almost noiselessly.
  • The parts of the cleaner can be easily washed and stored.
  • The run time of the cleaner is about 22 minutes, and might not be enough for large cleaning.

3. Cordless Electric Spin Mop Tile Floor Cleaner – Easy access

The cordless electric spin mop is a perfect match for cleaning different types of floor surfaces. The electric mop brings about efficiency in a different capacity and at the same time offering ease and convenience of doing things.

Cordless Electric Spin Mop

The mop comes with 2 powerful motors that run the entire system of the cleaner. The motors work in moving the head of the cleaner around to effectively clean up surfaces. The polisher of the mop spins about 220 revolutions per minute to remove stains effortlessly from the surfaces. The action of the cordless spin mop brings comfort to you during cleaning and allows you to maximize your time as a housekeeper.

The electric spray mop comes with a 300ml water tank, the large water tank can be used for wet mopping, waxing and scrubbing. With a simple automation process, you can have the entire cleaning of a room done in an instance.

Led Headlight

There is no time that is impossible for you to clean your floor with the cordless electric spin mop. It is also very easy to reach dark corners or crevices during cleaning. The spin mop comes with a LED headlight that allows you to use the mop with ease and convenience at any point in time.

Apart from the headlight that comes with the mop, it also can stand alone without support. You can maximize your storage space as it is convenient to store that stand-alone mop.

  • It has a longer working time, with a led headlight for dark corners.
  • The mop is powered by 2 powerful dual motors to keep it running smoothly.
  • The battery can be detached and charged separately.
  • There are reports of easily damaged batteries.

4. VMAI Cordless Electric Spin Mop Hardwood Floor Cleaner – Flexible to use

Like other forms of an electric mop, the process of operation is seamless and easy. It cleans surfaces with little or no supervision and does a thorough job. It is powered by powerful dual motors that operate the cleaning process at a high speed.

Cleaning made easier

You do not have to worry anymore about the limit of a cord when cleaning the room. The electric cord offers limitless possibilities for cleaning floor surfaces. With the operation of the dual-motor system in your mop that powers the whole process, you can consider the electric mop as your cleaning assistant. It has 35 mins working time after a full charge.

The motor-driven process ensures that human effort towards cleaning is reduced significantly and more efficiency is achieved

Flexibility and access

The electric mop has a wide range of flexibility that guarantees access to different surfaces during cleaning. The mop has a joint on the mop base to make the handle adjustable to as much as 60 degrees. The adjustable handle facilitates mopping and allow you to clean hard areas like under the furniture.

The mop also has a 300ml water tank, the water tank is especially useful in carrying out wet mopping. You are only required to fill up the water tank with clean water or fill it with floor wax depending on what service you require for your floor. The spray button on the mop’s handle lets you apply the solution on surfaces for cleaning.

  • The electric mop has up to 35mins runtime for dry mopping and 20 mins for wet mopping.
  • It has a flexible and extendable handle for easy use.
  • Changing the water can be a bit difficult and messy.

5. Bissell Symphony Steam Mop and Steam Vacuum Cleaner – High performing vacuum

Some several reasons or factors contribute to dirt and stains on your tile floor. One of these reasons that cannot be pushed away is your pet, pets tend to leave hair, prints and dirt on the floor as they move. Bissell Symphony Steam mop and vacuum cleaner help in removing these stains to keep your floor in the best shape.

Drop-It Tank system

The Bissell Symphony steam mop and cleaner is an upright and handheld cleaner giving ease of cleaning. The ease does not end there for this vacuum, it features an important model that aids the cleaning of pet mess. With the Drop-It Tank emptying system, you do not have to dip your hands into the dirt tank when emptying dirt. With just a simple press you can empty your dirt tank into designated places.

You can keep your hands free during the cleaning process with this innovative piece of technology. The Drop-It Tank system is also assisted by the Dry-Tank Technology that focuses on keeping moisture out of the dirt tank and having it completely dry.

Power-packed Vacuum

The combination of mopping and vacuum cleaning in one piece of equipment shows the strength and high performance of the machine. Bissell Symphony has a separate power rating for steam and vacuum. It runs on an 1100 watts capacity for steam and 400 watts for vacuum. The power rating of the steam vacuum cleaner is to have the cleaning feature at its optimum capacity.

The mop and steam vacuum cleaner makes use of a cyclonic vacuum system to capture and get rid of pet hair and debris. You should have less problem cleaning pet mess off your tile floor with the use of Bissell Symphony.


The device comes with several accessories to ensure that it performs efficiently. The accessories assist in carrying out the cleaning duties of the equipment. Some of the accessories that are common and come with this product include the microfiber soft pad, microfiber scrubby pad, a detachable steam boost tray and a detachable mop pad tray.

The model makes use of the disposable pads for throwing away pet messes you would rather not touch, it also comes with a washable microfiber pad that is reusable for everyday cleaning.

  • You can vacuum and clean at the same time.
  • Bissell Symphony has an innovative cleaning mechanism including odour eliminating scent.
  • It is regarded as expensive when compared with others in the same category.

Buyer’s Guide

The tile flooring system is one of the highest methods used for floors nowadays. It gives a decent look to floors and it is also durable.

What is a tile floor cleaner machine?

Like most other types of surfaces, they easily get dirty due to the large leg traffic on them and other stains from food and spills. The tiles are always in a conspicuous area of the house and once it gets dirty it is easily noticeable and unappealing. The tile floor cleaning machine is essential for cleaning the tile surfaces to give them a smooth look.

The tile cleaner machine can cover a large area of tiles for cleaning. This is a smart way of getting rid of stains from tile surfaces quickly and also effectively. The tile cleaning machine can get rid of different types and degrees of stains.

Type of tile floor

There are different types of tiles used in the modern world, having an understanding of these surfaces and how they work will help in finding out innovative means of cleaning the surfaces. The common types of tile surfaces are;

Porcelain tiles

The porcelain task has components similar to that of the ceramic tiles but it has better properties than the ceramic tile alone. It offers resistance to water, it is also harder and more durable and it is a great choice for use in the house or other floor surfaces. The porcelain tile is more like a hybrid version, it uses fine clay particles fired at high temperature to create a durable tile surface to withstand the different types of abrasiveness and harshness.

Although the porcelain tile has more versatility and benefits, it still has some of the disadvantages of the ceramic tile such as hardness and coldness to the feet, it also somewhat carries a heavyweight. The cleaning of the porcelain and ceramic tiles are similar and easy to carry out, stain comes off easily on both surfaces.

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are one of the most common floor tilings around. It is of common use in different places in the house including the kitchen and bathrooms. The ceramic tile is similar in properties to that of the porcelain tiles although the porcelain tile has superior features. One of the benefits of using ceramic tile is that it holds a solid surface and offers maximum protection against all forms of dirt or dust. It is easy to wipe up dirt from the ceramic tile surface as dirt does not get attracted to the ceramic tile and they stand out making it easy to be cleaned.

The ceramic tile is suitable for use in hospitals or areas where people with respiratory disease like asthma reside since it keeps a dust-free surface. The downside of using the ceramic tile is similar to that of the porcelain tile as it gets cold and bulky against the feet. It is also a bit difficult to install for non-professionals and can also be time-consuming.

Natural stone tiles

Natural stone is a luxurious material that can be used for interior decoration. It has a lustrous surface that makes it attractive for use in the home and other building projects. There are wide ranges of natural stones like limestone, marble, travertine, quartzite etc.

As beautiful as the surface of the natural stone tiles looks, the process of cleaning is not that easy. The floors are different from other types of tile surfaces and require delicate cleaning methods to get rid of stains on it. There are special cleaning products designed for these types of surfaces and need to be done with care.

Why should I buy a tile cleaning machine?

The truth is that some of these tile surfaces are quite easy to clean by the manual use of soap and water, or with the use of a mop. Sweeping tile surfaces also work for several sizes of dirt on the surface. All of these methods can work well to get rid of dirt from surfaces. However, using a tile cleaning machine brings about a revolutionary game when it comes to cleaning surfaces. The tile cleaning machine cleans the surface very fast and also efficiently.

Different tile cleaning tools are available for use to get rid of stains and dirt off tile surfaces. The best method to use for cleaning the surfaces will be determined by the type of stain on the surface, this will inform the choice of tile cleaning method and machine to be used. Some tile surfaces like those of limestone, marbles etc require delicate cleaning methods and machines due to the type of surface it is made of.

Features to look out for

Getting ready to buy a tile cleaning machine, there are so many things to put into consideration to ensure that you get the best tile cleaning machine for your tile surface.

Power and efficiency

The tile surface is different from other types of surfaces, to use the tile cleaning machine is expected to operate longer than the normal vacuum cleaners. A tile cleaner machine is expected to have higher power capability and strength to get work done easily. This is an important consideration for anyone planning to get a tile cleaning machine, as you do not want to buy a machine that will unable to clean your floor effectively.

The cleaner has to be specific or compatible with your tile surface and it has enough capability to clean the tile surface effectively.


The best thing to have in a machine apart from all its features is an easy-to-use machine. There are several cleaning brands out there that come with simple instructions and easy steps of application and usage. It is best to go for a lightweight design of a tile cleaning machine that can be easily moved across surfaces and around the house. No matter how many features a cleaning machine has it becomes useless if it is too heavy to move around the house or maneuver to clean off stains and dirt.

In consideration of which cleaning machine to buy, it should always be simple and ease over complex at all times. It should be usable for your type of tile surface as well.

Relatable features

When going for a tile cleaning machine, there always many conflicting interests as there are a lot of brands out there selling the tile cleaning machines and offering different competing interests. It is very easy to get caught up in the whole excitement of different types of offerings and features, and in the long run end up buying a product that does no suit your need.

To avoid this type of problem, it is always recommended for you to have your list of different features you expect from your cleaning machine, this should also take into account, the specificity of your tile surface to ensure the cleaner you are going for is capable of handling all your tasks. At all times during the buying process, it should always be a relatable feature-rich machine rather than one filled with aesthetics or otherwise.

Brand name

A brand tells a lot about how good the product will be, as uncommon as this might be it is a phenomenon. Some brands in the tile cleaning machine sphere have over time developed their craft to have products that meet up the expectation of their customers and client. These types of brands can get constant feedback about their work and products and if it solves the problem of the clients allowing them to redevelop their products to meet the demands of the people.

It is always safer to go with brands that have become a household name when it comes to buying tile cleaning machines. It is a safe bet than a relatively new organization or company offering to sell at a lesser price but with the risk of less performance.


Any cleaning machine that is used needs to be maintained frequently to ensure that it remains in its optimal state and fit for use at all times. Cleaning machines accumulate dirt as well during the period of cleaning and if not paid proper attention. To ensure that the machine does not break down after a short time, it needs constant care. One of the ways of maintaining it is by cleaning it, there are specialized ways of carrying out cleaning of cleaning machines.

Some of the maintenance processes can be carried out by an individual and some others require professional or expert aid in carrying out maintenance periodically. Some products come with instructions on how to go about cleaning and maintaining them, and some brands require their experts coming to give them periodic maintenance.


Above all of the features, any cleaning machine must be safe for use. It must not come with harm during the period of use or storage. It must be safe for use at all times. This should be one of the considerations put together before finally buying a tile cleaning machine.

How to clean tile floors?

There are several ways of cleaning tile surfaces and any of them can be adapted for use. The tile surface is also different from each other and therefore have different cleaning methods. The process of cleaning tile surfaces is divided according to the types of surfaces.

Cleaning ceramic or porcelain tile floors

Ceramic and porcelain tile floors are similar in constituents and properties, the ceramic and porcelain tiles are in common use and the process of cleaning them is quite easy compared to other types of tile surfaces. The steps for cleaning are;

Dry clean the floor

The floor needs to be cleared of all types of dirt, bigger type of dirt needs to be removed first from the surface, the dirt can be removed by first sweeping the tile surface to clean up loose dirt or dust, this can also be done with the aid of the vacuum cleaner. In addition to the use of the vacuum to clean the surface, a microfiber duster should also be used to ensure every layer of dirt is removed completely.

Using a cleaner and warm water

A cleaning solution is required to be used for effective cleaning. There are forms of commercial cleaners that can be highly effective in getting rid of stains and dirt from the surface. The cleaner should be mixed with warm water, the cleaner should be thoroughly mixed with the warm water, after the mixture has been formed get a rag or customized mop to clean your floor.

Caution needs to be taken when making use of the mop on the tile surface, as mops can bring about dirty water back to the already clean surface, this is typical of sponge mops and should be avoided when dealing with ceramic or porcelain tiles. During the process of cleaning, constantly change the water to avoid dirty water coming to the surface.

Wipe off stains

In the event whereby there are stains on the tile surface, you should make use of the specialized cleaner to wipe off stains. Soap residues should also be removed from the surface, a bleach solution can be used for removing the stain.

Drying the surface

After completely cleaning the surfaces with the mop, it also requires the use of a dry cloth to completely dry off the surface to prevent the build-up of water spots on the ceramic or porcelain surfaces.

Cleaning Natural stone tile floor

The process of cleaning the natural stone tile floor is also similar to that of the ceramic and porcelain tile floor only that extra caution must be taken to prevent scratching the surface as the natural stone is delicate.

The hard broom should be avoided on the natural stone tile floors, instead, a soft broom should be used. Also, care should be taken in the choice of a cleaner and only cleaners compatible with the surface should be used.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean really dirty tile floors?

First, you want to wash them with a regular mop and warm water and vinegar. This will remove any loose stuff (or dead bugs!) that might scratch your floor when you scrub it later. Soak up the excess water with your mop or towels.

Second, you’re going to need something abrasive so that the grout is not hiding under a layer of dirt–this grit will help polish it clean. I would use steel wool, at least for larger areas. If you’re really worried about scratching it, hand wash the tiles or let them air dry before tackling them next time.

Why won’t my tile floor come clean?

Ceramic tile floors are known for their beauty and easy maintenance. However, they can be a challenge to maintain when trying to keep them looking new and clean. There are several reasons why your tile floor may not be coming as clean as you would like it to:

The cleaner used is not the most efficient at removing dirt, grime, and soil from ceramic tile floors. Impurities in water may cause residue build-up on the floor surface. There are scratches or chips in the finish of the ceramic floors that harbor soil residue and prevent cleaning. The grout lines between tiles aren’t maintained properly which causes debris, soap scum and other matter to accumulate within the joints of the bathroom tile flooring.

Does vinegar shine tile floors?

Vinegar is part of the acid family. By this I mean it has a pH (potential of Hydrogen) that is less than 7. A good example of other acidic substances are lemon juice, pine-sol and even some dish soaps. Vinegar can be used to shine up floors because it is usually pretty cheap and does a great job at softening old wax build-ups that you may have had in your tile or stone flooring before applying new coats during regular cleanings.

However, vinegar also has its disadvantages when the idea comes to shining up your floors for extended periods of time. The chemical structure will break down over time if left on your floors without rinsing off after cleaning with it.

Will bleach hurt tile floors?

The short answer is ‘no’, unless you use too much bleach, or leave it in a pile to sit. But how does bleach get out stains? Because of the power of oxygen! And how does tile flooring benefit from the action of oxygen?

Ever heard the trick about turning wine red with a little lemon juice and then pouring club soda into it to fizz up all that dissolved dirt and make it all disappear like magic? It’s not magic, but chemistry. You’re gently introducing carbon dioxide (CO2 – which makes soda fizzy) into those formerly dissolved dirt particles, causing them to re-dissolve into even smaller particles of iron & manganese oxides.


Tile floors and surfaces can be kept clean with the use of cleaner machines that helps in making the process faster and seamless. Finding the right tile cleaner can be a bit tasking, especially one that suits your floor type and needs. We have removed that worry by providing you with information about the best tile floor cleaners you can get for a better cleaning experience.

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